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    Say CHEESE in Ontario

    The money will be too compelling. The public safety argument has been consistently applied to justify the expansion of authority. (I bet there are more accidents and costs us more through insurance premium increases along the 401 when speed is low during rush hour; perhaps they should put up...
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    Ka narrow va ka wide radenso pro m

    I have seen tests on the internet that show that the detection of redflex is affected by the wide/ narrow changes in many of the top detectors.
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    Theia FAQ’s with Jon

    Radenso' s vision is truly a leader in this industry. A few questions: 1. Is the AI engine going to be built into each unit, real-time communications to a server or cloud, or a replication of rules created by an offline AI engine? 2. Will the AI be user programmable if there is an output...
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    What's Stinger up to?

    I'm still waiting for a response from them and have prompted them again. I did see that there is a test from April online that used the R7, R3, Radenso, 360, and V1. Some fared better than others but the range was inconsistent and short.
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    Say CHEESE in Ontario

    Toronto is already live with their cameras already. It was announced months ago that they will start Dec 1 and they posted an ad in Linkedin for Redflex technicians for the installation. London council approved a $5m contract with Redflex to install them there as well. This particular system...
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    London to sign photo radar contract with redflex

    I believe Toronto is also using redflex. LinkedIn had postings for redflex technicians many months ago.
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    What's Stinger up to?

    I have asked singer to provide an official answer on redflex. We are getting it here in Ontario next week.
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    London to sign photo radar contract with redflex At $5m for 2 installations, they are expecting a lot of tickets.
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    Happy Holidays Note the elimination of the "reasonable suspicion" burden of proof.
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    Escort Live Experiemce in Toronto

    Since Escort couldn't give me the number of escort live users in Ontario, I signed up for the trial and drove around Toronto on a busy Friday. No alerts from escort rd users. It had alerts you can find in Waze and Highway Radar and i did find a few radar traps. As I suspected, they don't...
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    OPP Mississauga using DE Laser

    Yes, on the top. I've heard that slowing down without braking is reasonable suspicion for stop and search.
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    OPP Mississauga using DE Laser

    They sit on the back side of the overpass at the top of the on ramp. As you approach, Brock Rd blocks your sightline.
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    Vancouver PD Unfair Ticket?

    If chiefs were elected like in the US, they would be more accountable to the safety of the people instead of filling quotas to make their budgetary promises.
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    Victoria, B.C. Mayor wants PS lower on some roads

    Here's more to think about... in Ontario, the government does studies all the time. One of the analysts told me that there is a strong inverse correlation between speed and cost of burden on the government from accidents. The higher the speed, the cheaper it is on the tax payers because it...
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    OPP Mississauga using DE Laser

    On the 407, I've seen them on the onramp in that area. You can't see them until it's too late. If you have a leader, it's fair to assume the second car might have been pacing behind hoping to see the lead car brake. But it sounds like nobody detected the dragon eye from behind.
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    VIP Antenna Errors

    This is similar to what I had seen. Sometimes I would get 3 of 4 pies. Check your settings to make sure the update didn't change both antennas to the same side. You might have to reset them. I'm sure you haven't changed the antennas, but check to make sure the flat sides are aimed in the...
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    Stinger ad

    I wish i had a laser gun to test it out when i finish the install. With the small dispersion rate of the lidar, i was also skeptical until i saw the tests by Vortex last year. The alignment is the only issue I am worried about now. I am also debating installing the Rx cable at the target...
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    Stinger ad

    Thanks. I was thinking of building a wire bracket and then gluing it to the plastic behind the kidney grill. Alternatively, i was thinking of sugru and waiting for it to cure, but i wasn't sure if it would shift while driving.
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    Stinger ad

    Does anyone know how they keep the head in place behind the plastic cavity? Would it be filled with some sort of epoxy or butyl tape?
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    Stinger ad

    I have been talking to their engineers on their new system because i'm still trying to pick which system. I like the small heads for stealthiness. The 5% angle serves 2 purposes: 1) to minimize reflection back into the system from objects ahead and 2) to provide defense against lidar on...