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    Garmin Zumo XT

    Most of you probably don't care about this. The Garmin Zumo XT is a motorcycle specific GPS unit that was just released. I have one mounted on my motorcycle and my Uniden DFR9 is also mounted on the handlebar. Opposite ends of the handlebars. So I go out to pass someone and I'm tagged by...
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    Uniden DFR9 Randomly Turning Off

    I have a Uniden DFR9 mounted on my motorcycle using a RAM ball mount and the RAM magnetic base. On local rides and day long rides, it has been working fine since I bought it at Costco in May. Now, it seems to be turning itself off and I'm not finding anything consistent about the failures...
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    RJ11 Telephone Cord for Power Cord???

    I tried the search function, but everything seemed to not exactly answer my question, so here goes. Will a RJ11 phone cord work to provide power to a Uniden radar detector? I use my RD on my motorcycle and have purchased a third party power cable to power the unit. One end has an RJ11...
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    Generic Radar Detector

    Hi! I think I know the answer to this already, but I couldn't resist. :D The purchase, that is. I was on eBay this evening and found a generic unbranded radar detector...for $4 and with free shipping. Like I said, I couldn't resist. I'm sure it is junk. But at $4, I figured it was worth...
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    New Guy - Be Easy On Me ;)

    I'm a new guy from the Seattle area. I primarily ride a motorcycle, though I have been known to drive my perfectly great Subaru Outback XT at times. Fun car...I just like the motorcycle more. Chris