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    Are radardetector repair shops?

    My Uniden R3 is having an issue that may be minor but the only solution seems to be to mail it to Uniden, wait God knows how long for it to be repaired and returned. When I have a minor problem with my cell phone, repair places are all over town. I wonder if there are radar detector shops...
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    Why do people upgrade?

    I read threads when a detector comes out and people are thrilled with it. The R-1 or the Rodense SP or the V-1 got rave reviews and the radar they purchased they were very happy about but a year or so later, the same person has purchased an R-3 or another newer model. I just don’t get why? if...
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    What is this radar detector ad on my Facebook about..
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    R3 not lighting up

    Sorry if this has been covered before. My R3 display light is off. It still gives audio signals letting me know K band or Ka band, etc., but the light is off so I don’t get any visual warning or GPS at all. Is there a way to get the light back on?
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    Urgent, is this a good deal?

    Someone wants to sell me the Uniden R3 for $270 + $20 for shipping. Is this a goo d deal or should I look elsewhere? I was looking for something with GPS lockouts and arrows but gthat is beyond my range so I was thinking of gthe RI or Radenso XP but they were also a bit over $325. Advise...
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    Radenso pro SE vs other choices..

    There is a radenso pro se for about $260. Are the differences worth it to go for the Radenso XP or any suggestion on something equally good? I have gotten by with the original Escort Max but its 6 years old and I am thinking of getting a new one under $300 if possible. Only the Rodenso pro...
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    Escort Max acting wierd

    I bought the Escort Max around 2014 or 2015. It worked great for years. It would start chirping and grow louder as it approached radar. Saved me quite a few tickets. during all these years, it chirped but now there is no chirping, either a blank white screen or "caution" or "slow down" with...
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    Newbie with Max

    I have recently purchased and started using the passport MAX. Odd thing s that when I approach my place of work, a cute picture of a cop car and distance in feet comes up with a warning, "trap". I drove around and saw nothing, now, I notice the same thing happens no matter which direction I...
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    Newbie, just bought the MAX, have some questions..

    I just bought the max and hooked it on. Now, I am wondering of I should do something regarding settings. Settings say, Novice or Advanced. I am assuming this relates to technical ability and not driving speed/experience of driver. Correct? What meter mode is best for someone who will mostly...
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    Newbie seeking advice

    I have a 2010 370z and am looking to spend about $400. Because of an employee discount, I can buy the MAX for $380. I have someone in the area wanting to sell me his Valentine One (2012) for $300. There are others who suggest I get a new Whistler or others for less. i drive in the city to...