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    I need some help for choosing RD for Europe

    Hello to all of you, i need some some help because my head really got confused and if some one can help i will be glad. For now i stop to Genovo Max, but also looking Redline Ex international and V1. But that is not mean that i will take one of these 3, if i see that there is a better choice...
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    V1 Europe bankrupt ?

    Hi dear friends, i’m looking to buy new RD and yesterday i wrote to V1 Europe and look what i got for an answer. What do you thing ? Is it possible or its some fraud ? :)
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    Whistler GT-438XI vs Cobra RAD 450

    Hi friends :) i’m thinking finally to take some RD but still didnt make the decision, look some interesting videos here: What do you think about that ? I’m not sure witch one to take Radenso, V1, Escort RD EX ... Any help will be appreciate and helpful.
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    New friend from Bulgaria

    Hi all the forum is great, already read a lot of threads and looking forward to buy a RD :)