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  1. PointerCone

    Pulling out all ad stops, new Redline review Here's the best quote: " That’s on top of the fact that the Redline 360c has twice the range of Escort’s other detectors. "
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    Model 3 Dual Motor Performance gets Track Pack V2

    Tesla introduced Track Pack V2 and it gets some cool hardware and firmware upgrades:
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    Escort DualPro 360??

    Anyone heard of this?? It was on Detector Tools Pro V V V V V Version Added support for DualPro 360
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    To the Waze users out there??

    I've been using Waze for about 8 years now. Curious as to why lately many users are anonymous or their name does not appear when you go to mark a gas station etc. How do they do this and still accumulate points now??
  5. PointerCone

    Tesla for a week (and in the extreme cold)

    So, in my urge to drive a new Tesla, my buddy , who has an S75D (non-P model) went to FL for 10 days this past week and agreed to let me drive his car if I would take him and pick him up from airport. Pfft, that was an easy answer!! Sure!! He said, "just don't wreck it." He knows that...
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    Going through basement and lookie what I found

    Just to show how far back I go with Lidatek and Valentine Research and as I was looking for Christmas decorations: (LE-10, the original best of the Best Parking Sensors) and piad $300 for it 22 years ago and also the Valentine Reasearch G Analyst: (late 80s unit)
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    Just got the new Uniden DC11 iWitness Dash Cam

    Damn, this thing is small, I mean about 1/2 the size of my GWC-1 and its only a little over a 1st class postage stamp requirement in weight (1.4 ounces total with car installed). Came with a 8gb card preinstalled . I havent used it yet, but here's the pictures of the unit for size comparison...
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    Boy, Uniden is continuing to turn the screws!!

    Car and Driver October 2018:
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    Redline EX now at 1.11 (latest firmware as of today)

    Two things: Updated to 1.11 today Redline EX. Seems like it skipped a few from 1.7 to 1.11?? The Units covered by Pro no longer include a reference to a Redline EX 360?? Thoughts?? Possible Vapor Unit??
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    Why you need a dash cam and one with GPS........

    check this out: Cop was lying like a rug in this one.
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    When selling a Registered ER product, do the buyer a solid and make sure you deregister it with ER:

    This is a PSA for both buyers and sellers of ER products (or any RD for that matter). If you've registered it, particularly an ER product, please be sure as seller to deregister it from ERs database once the transaction is completed . YOU will not be able (as the buyer) to reregister on ER...
  12. PointerCone

    Uniden R3 picks up the Devil's Frequency!!

    Apparently, the Devil was "Stalking" the frequency on this alert!!
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    Speed Cheetah, getting really behind on updates

    As many of you know, I run both a C50 (very small RLC alert unit) and a C150. As an early adopter of the Cheetah mirror many years ago, I am used to Cheetah providing regular updates (Trinity database) for their products. Regular meaning at least twice a month or more if warranted. Lately, my...
  14. PointerCone

    Got my R3 back from Uniden repairs today

    Uniden got my unit at their repair facility in TX on 03/02/2018 and today (03/13/2018), I already got it back. Less than two week turnaround and they fixed the cord pulling out issue, gave me a new power cord and also fixed the broken speaker.
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    Just goes to show how little the gen public knows about RDs.......

    Nearly everyday, on my way to office, I stop at a local Shell (which has a McDonald's inside too) @Tallyho would know the place; I call it McShell. I get a soda (need the caffeine) and whatever else I need. Anyway, today, as I was parked at the pump and coming outside, I see a guy with no...
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    Uniden performance over time....

    Recent TXCTG and CACTG tests show that the performance advantage of the Uniden R1/3 over the former champ , the M3 based Redline-O " may" be fading. Note that I emphasized "may" because this is simply a suggestion for further evaluation and testing. Harkening back many years to when it was...
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    2018 Tesla Model 3 : Poor engineering & Poor Fit and Finish

    For a $61 K car, I was expecting better:
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    VW Diesel Cheat........great Netflix show

    Feb 1 , Netflux just added a show called Dirty Money under new releases and episode 1 focuses entirely on the VW diesel cheat scandal. Very well done, non-political and a lot of engineering discussion. A must watch for car guys!
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    Still beating that drum????

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