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    DFR7 vs R7 Falses

    Not sure if anyone has tested that. But the R7 is generally regarded as more sophisticated than the DFR7 in its filtering. So intuitively I'd say yes, it would be as quiet or quieter for a given sensitivity level. Theory doesn't always equal practice, but I'd be really surprised if a happy DFR7...
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    Anyone Tried Turning the K Verifier off and Running on the Open Road in l or A modes?

    My very first thought upon reading the post! ;)
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    V1G2 on Back Order Again!

    "Regular" order or trade-in? They seem to be more backed up on trade-ins.
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    Its the year 2020 Yet there's no perfect Radar Detector - Why not?

    Not trying to say that the V1G2 is the perfect detector. The K band range vs falses tradeoff is real. And of course questions of user interface, like matters of style, are subject to individual preference. But when I saw my crush being slandered with terms like "cheap plastic case" I had to...
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    Its the year 2020 Yet there's no perfect Radar Detector - Why not?

    If it were just a beauty contest I'd already be waiting on a V1G2 backorder. ;) That "cheap thin plastic case" of the V1G2 is actually magnesium. The faceplate issue was disappointing, but seems like it has been solved. I don't read anyone saying that's still going on with the more recent...
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    Not a terrible job by Road & Track

    I read it as more the standard disclaimer for a big-name publication that doesn't want legal hassles. Usually they're meant to be read more like this: "We don't encourage speeding, obviously, but if you're the type to cruise """a few mph above the limit,""" [wink wink, nudge nudge] we recommend...
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    Not a terrible job by Road & Track In seemingly no particular order they give: V1G2 DFR7 R360c R7 9500ix(?) Pro M I'd probably swap the R3 for the 9500ix, but I've seen much worse from mainstream sources. Descriptions are generally pointing...
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    It looks like the RL 360c is going to take me some getting used to...

    Scarlett can be very distracting. Did she distract you from cycling through the different brightness settings? Nobody would blame you if she had, just wanted to mention it since I've seen others say the default setting is kinda dim. ;)
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    RF section of Theia

    I think this sums it up.
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    The next big thing after the RL360C?

    It's definitely interesting to consider the impact Theia might have (assuming that Theia is the powerhouse that many of us expect). Escort has had the super-premium price segment mostly to itself. R7 was up there for a minute, but in practice that's come down to a more traditional premium price...
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    Used RD prices

    OP is looking for a great deal on a used detector. There aren't going to be a lot of good deals on used Redline 360c right now. It's new in the market, so not a lot of people selling. Plus it's currently on backorder, which further drives up used prices. If you want the performance of the...
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    V1G2 Impression. (used it for 2 weeks)

    And with a beast like the H2, both hands on the grips is extra mportant! ;) Ride safe and enjoy!
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    Pro M firmware updates

    Seems like this should have been more clearly communicated. The Pro M seems to detect laser just fine when it's enabled (though of course no detector alone can provide reliable laser saves). Yes it falses some, but not outrageously in my experience. And those who would rather have it off can...
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    Neighbors new car makes me want to call poison hotline.

    I'd like better with a little less yellow in it, but I'm not mad about it. I salute all "weird color" buyers though I don't necessarily embrace every hue they choose. Would be funny if he leaned into this idea and got a custom plate that said MRYUK ;)
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    Can Theia be used with the RL360c ?

    Well I'll focus on what we agree on, and what you rightly point out is the relevant topic. "Yes, but also no" is definitely the right answer. ;)
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    Can Theia be used with the RL360c ?

    Right, it's an inaccurate use of the term when applied to Theia. A product in active development with a defined release window is not vaporware. If Radenso were to miss the 2020 release commitment and go silent, THEN the "V word" would be relevant. If all someone means is that it's not out...
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    RL360 or Theia

    Ah, that helps. If you think you'll be remote for a few more months and can get the 360 back for occasional trips if needed, I'd vote wait. The R360c is a very strong detector, and arguably the best available right now (reasonable people may disagree, but there's definitely an argument to be...
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    Escort as a company SUCKS

    I can empathize with the frustration. And I think you made the right choice overall. If you have any limitations in your countermeasures budget, I wouldn't want to drop ~$800 on an R360c without seeing what Theia can do in production form. But as long as Escort is still putting out...
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    V1G2 Impression. (used it for 2 weeks)

    Interesting to hear from a motorcycle user about the knob vs buttons. Mike V had mentioned motorcycle users as part of the reason for the change from knob to buttons. I never found that reason very convincing. On the display front I like that they kept the familiar, longer-lasting LEDs, but I...
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for kparton

    For $300 or less, the Uniden R3 is almost impossible to beat. And with the terrain you see, its extra range vs other low-priced detectors is very valuable. Waiting for Theia will not be suggested because it will be over 2.5x your budget.