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    V1 Gen 1 suggestion by Kennyc56, OMG

    Kennyc56 mentioned in another thread to turn off "POP". It is unreal how much that suggestion has quieted down my V1 Gen 1. Still get hammered by Chrysler and Honda CUV BSM's with small L, but not as bad as I did with POP on. Put over 500 miles on my detector through West Virginia today and...
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    Some interesting items for your car.

    Scotty Kilmer did a video yesterday on three really interesting products. A usable night vision system for your car that actually works well, big screen. Power pack with some real power to power items on say a road trip or camping trip, and a high level scan tool for your car for diagnosing or...
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    OK guys get ready to raid your retirement account for this one

    Richard Petty's number 43 Superbird is going up for auction. Due to the annoying video's on the page turn off the sound on your computer. Petty Superbird up for auction.
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    Drove through Ohio yestersday, Interesting

    Took a trip over to the Indy Car Museum yesterday and Ohio LE was on their toes, when are they not? First thing, I saw everything they had was being used to catch speeders. Radar, Laser, and I even saw a bear in the air using Vascar. Someone has figured out that you really don't want to be...
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    What happened?

    I was out on Sunday and I almost turned off the detector the junk signals were driving me crazy. Never saw one actual radar set up on the highway just a lot of BSM. I made the mistake of resetting the detector to factory settings and did the same with JBV1. I went through the V1 and the JBV1...
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    Heads up Michelin has their $70 Rebate on

    Just in case any of you need tires, Michelin has their spring promotion on. It runs between 3/20/19 and 4/18/19. I got lucky and scored with the rebate a set of four Michelin Defender's for $79.41 per tire or $317.64 for a set of four. Michelin Spring Promotion
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    Your Volvo Will Soon Call The Cops On You If It Thinks You’ve Been Drinking

    Volvo has always been synonymous with safety in the automobile world. Now, the Swedish automaker is taking drastic steps to push the borders between “safety” and “big brother” with proactive safety systems in its vehicles. These systems will soon take control of your car if the notice what they...
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    a collection of 55 VW Micro Buses for sale $350K

    If you're into restoring vintage Volkswagen buses, we may have just found your ultimate project. It's a collection of 55 T2s that are now for sale in Canada with an asking price of $350,000. The ad, featured on Kijiji, doesn't have many pictures, but the few it does provide give us a good idea...
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    So who's getting a Special Edition (Suicide Door) Continental?

    They're only making 80, so get your deposits in soon.
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    Ultimate anti speed camera Prius

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    Had a weird situation yesterday

    I was rolling along the app and the V1 were working perfectly when all of a sudden I get this weird sound from my phone. I look at the JBV1 screen and noticed that my "C" showing custom settings had changed from red to blue. The VI started alerting and the app wasn't responding. I shut down and...
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    First real road trip with the V1

    Decided to make the pilgrimage to Bowling Green Kentucky yesterday. One of those Bucket List items to visit the National Corvette Museum. With the V1 and the JBV1 app I set out on my way and for the most part it was really quiet and then things got interesting in Ohio. I thinking I'm not real...
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    Berlin Ohio

    Berlin Ohio, Route 39 locals were running K-Band 24.155 C/O on Sunday morning.
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    Small bug

    For some reason my Android 8.1.0 phone is having issues with connecting to the Dongle. I have the APP set to automatically connect when it senses a powered up V1. Now I have to shut down the phone and restart it for the App to connect the Dongle. Should I just turn off the auto connect and go...
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    This is why I come here for Radar Detector information.

    I started out doing Bing and Google searches when I decided that I needed a new detector. One of the problems I came across searching the web was what I call Spam or pay for play websites reviewing radar detectors. I ended up going on YouTube which led me to Vortex's video page. From...
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    The only 1970 340ci four door Baracuda

    Unbelievable the work involved to create this car.
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    They're getting younger and younger

    NASCAR racing may not be the sport of choice for most New Yorkers, but the latest racing prodigy comes from Long Island and isn’t even old enough to drive. That’s not stopping Giovanni Bromante from racing – and winning. At just 14 years old, he’s a surprising sight to the middle-aged men who...
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    Police cars displayed at AACA yesterday

    I took a trip up to Hershey PA. to the AACA Museum. Never saw one police car all the way up and all the way back, zero radar use also. AACA - Antique Automobile Club of America Museum On display were three police cars, a 93 Ford 5.0 Mustang from the Florida Highway Patrol. A 66 Plymouth Fury...
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    Floored by VR's Customer Service.

    I sent my old unit in last week for an upgrade and they received it on Monday morning per USPS package tracking. I sent it in with a CHECK for payment. Valentine Research stated on their website that there would be a hold of up to 10 days for the check to clear. Yes some of us old guys still...
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    Qwik question on V1 Connection

    I have a Android phone and I see on Valentine's web site that you can use either the V1 Connect LE or the longer V1 Connect. I remember reading in a earlier post that the LE is the preferred and recommended unit of the two? I'm hoping I remembered the right information from that older post...