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    Neoprene Sleeve

    I got the below hard case for my R7: It fits the detector (without power cord) fine but closing zippers takes a little effort.
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    Hard case for Uniden R7

    Thank you all for recommendations. For now I have purchased this case that should fit R7 and serve my the purpose: At home I bring in my RD placed within a case; when parked somewhere else I stick...
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    Escort lockouts database transfer to Uniden R7?

    I have recently upgraded my Escort 9500ix to Uniden R7. For many years with Escort I have backed up a lockouts database with approximately 1300 locations. Backed up file is small and stored on hard drive with "loc" extension. Is there a way/utility to convert and transfer these 9500ix saved...
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    Hard case for Uniden R7

    Please post any links/ideas/suggestions for a hard case for Uniden R7. Case needed to carry detector body only leaving mounting hardware and power cord in the vehicle. Possibly some case for digital camera, navigator or similar would fit well?
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    Official NYC Speed Camera Location List

    V1Jake, I do not know how to solve your commuting issues but I want you (and all others) to get home (or other destination) safe and sound, period. By riding bike on shared NYC roads you take chances, you know and accept it, and your experience proves how inherently risky it could be...
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    Official NYC Speed Camera Location List

    I could also write in a humorous/sarcastic way but decided to stay serious here because unfortunately there were multiple real tragedies attributed to the topic and because I am quite a bit annoyed by the current everyday mix of car/bike driving in NYC.
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    Official NYC Speed Camera Location List

    The bike lanes along Hudson are perfectly fine, they do not affect city driving at all, this is the way it should be, imho. Unfortunately, most of the existing and planned NYC bike lanes run within city streets, reduce available driving area, serve as "death trap for cyclists" causing wide...
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    Official NYC Speed Camera Location List

    Sorry, I respectfully disagree with your opinion of supporting bike lanes. Driving in NYC is nearly impossible as is without the extra restrictions caused by bike lanes. In reality, even with the good intentions, implemented bike lanes created shared roads and eventually led to multiple bicycle...
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    Official NYC Speed Camera Location List

    I feel that my view is largely unpopular based on widespread public campaigns and local government actions geared toward getting cars/trucks off NYC streets (or making drivers'/owners' life miserable) and trying to "move" people to walking/bicycling/public transportation instead of driving...
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    Official NYC Speed Camera Location List

    I will express my personal and likely unpopular view: for everyone's safety and we'll being bicycles and much larger means of transportation like cars/buses/trucks should not be on the same roads at the same time. Current statistics proves that hodge-podge measures like bike lanes and similar...
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    How do you teach people to be aware of pot holes?

    Just for comparison a few road potholes in Russia:
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    Mirror tap into dome light

    I have done this on my previous vehicle about ten years ago. Wiring installation was quite easy and worked fine. I needed only the basic functions on my 9500ix and connected only two wires from shortened power cord from previous RD with RJ-11 connector. I believe with this setup the additional...
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    Looking for phone mount suggestion please

    I would like to suggest for you what I use for my Galaxy S9. I am very happy with the results. Please check Pitaka case for S9, MagCase for Samsung Galaxy S9. Case is made from special Aramid fibers, it is very strong, lightweight, has built-in metal plates and allows wireless charging with...
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    NYC To Toronto

    A few years ago on my way to Toronto I got several I/O hits in the town of Marathon, NY and one of the neighboring towns around 4am in the middle of empty dark road from town police and state troopers who were completely invisible and hiding slightly below road level in the median. Still...