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  1. mralsiyabi

    johnboy00, Can we Creat Custom Sweeps for K Band?

    Hello @johnboy00 and everyone.. I'm totally new with V1 and JBV1, therefore you guys should expect any stupid question like this. Most of the radar source in our country operates in Laser and K band, and very limited and few of Ka band. My understanding that we can create a custom sweeps for...
  2. mralsiyabi

    Can I Trust my V1 After Failing Twice on One Trip

    I drove for 250 miles in one trip, my v1 with euro mode enabled and TMF disabled. Amazingly, it was working perfect and excellent detection rang except in two locations where I have been photographed because of driving over speed limit. What I don't really understand why my V1 doesn't detect...
  3. mralsiyabi

    Valentine One Experts let's Share your Ideas

    Hello everyone, This is my experience with V1 radar detector and I'm posting this thread because of two reasond, first because no one ever wrote a review on using this devices in this part of the world. Second, it's a new experience for you guys to learn more V1 and how does it perform...
  4. mralsiyabi

    Hello World!!

    Hello everyone :) This is me Ahmed from country call Oman. Happy to join this forum and being part of this great community, and looking forward to get answer for questions that i have in order to complete my research. Regards