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  1. rainsux

    Memo Loud After Muting???

    V1D suggests that I use V1C ... to change Memo Loud After Muting ... to Off. I cannot find this “Memo Loud After Muting” option in the current V1C app. Perhaps the name has changed? Or perhaps V1C has dropped this param? ELI5, please.
  2. rainsux

    Confirm that HR is Working?

    How can I verify that HR is sending and receiving correctly?
  3. rainsux

    Quiet Ride?

    Perhaps I misunderstand QR, or cannot find it in the config panels ... I think it would be helpful if there was an option for QR to be adaptive. Rather than set a single speed, an option to choose PSL+whatever. The speed limit data is mostly available and generally reliable. At the risk of...
  4. rainsux

    Noob: Need ELI5 for ...

    I have read the docs and watched the YouTube video(s) and cannot find nice crisp answers re: the following matters: #1) CSA: How do I confirm a CSA from JBV1 that pops-up as an overlay on Waze? #2) CSA: I am driving and V1G2 provide ample warnsing. I subsequently see the officer. Do I...
  5. rainsux

    Upgrade/Trade-In Program ... Temporarily Halted

    Tried to use the upgrade/trade-in process today. Unable to do it on the website. I called. The nice lady on the phone mentioned that they hope to resume this program sometime in the next few weeks.
  6. rainsux

    FNG ...

    Olde guy, new member. Mostly retired, but not dead yet. Been running RD's since the Mk I FuzzBuster. Decided it is time to trade-up from my V1G1.