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    Uniden R3 - Ka 34.698 was alerting this morning for 20 mins

    This morning (dark outside), Ka 34.698 was alerting this morning for 20 mins driving to work. I kept looking for the radar trap, none to be found. As I turned off the highway, I saw a Palm Beach Sheriff cruiser zip pass me. I am guessing he had his radar on the whole time riding behind me in...
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    Are all KA alerts real (running Uniden R3)?

    All of sudden in the last 2 days, I have been getting strong KA alerts 34.... I look around and can't find any reason for this. Wondering if a LEO is on a cross street shooting KA gun?
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    Are BSM alerts in the 24.198 - 24.202 range K band?

    I am getting alerts from 24.198 to 24.202 while driving. I am thinking it is BSM. I think if I mute them it will result in a wasted mute as the freq will be in a different location next time. Is there a way to mute these alerts. BTW, I have a Uniden R3.
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    New R3 setup - 2 things NOT to do

    So, I finally decided to buy an R3 and started to set it up in my house since I have a 12 volt adapter. I thought I got a lemon. 2 things you should never do with a new R3: 1-Don't plug in usb into computer & power to RD. Screen is dark, like it is not working but I had power to it. When...
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    New R3 owner in S FL (Palm Beach), recommended settings please?

    Currently, I am thinking of using Vortex general recommendations for configuring the R3. I was wondering if someone has fine tuned their R3 in the S FL area to save me time tweaking it.
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    does uniden have an app to change settings like escort?

    does uniden have an app to change settings like escort? thinking of buying R3 and noticed no app to change settings. Am I missing something? I hate to have to change settings using the menu options of the RD.
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    Best RD for $300 today

    I have a Escort 9500ix which is ready for an upgrade. I know there is alot of hype for the new Uniden R7 but not looking to spend $600 for a RD. I was first looking to get the Max 2 from Costco for $300 but after doing some research seems the Uniden R3 may be the best RD for $300. I am a...
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    Rumors of v2 of V1

    I am in between the V1 or escort max2. I read a few articles and patents showing a new V1. I called Valentine, they would not comment. And if they plan on releasing a new model, do you think it will be months or years away? Thanks.