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  1. Marty K

    Fuse Rating Selection

    Hi, all. I am no electrician by any means, but know the basics of hard-wiring various accessories in a vehicle. Anyway, one topic comes to mind that I have seen different opinions for, but does not seem to provide a definite one-for-all accepted answer - what is the appropriate fuse rating...
  2. Marty K

    VPR CPU and JBV1?

    Hi, all. I wanted to ask if anyone has had a chance to test/use the VPR CPU with JBV1? I do not know if or to what extend the new hardware makes a difference as to how the app works with it. Any thoughts?
  3. Marty K

    Faulty Hardware

    Hi, all. I think my TMG system is failing. On my way home it all of a sudden started announcing "Auto Sleep Mode" in a loop (non-stop). I looked at the CPU - the power light was OFF, the BT light was solid ON, yet was disconnected from JBV1 app. Non of the buttons were responsive! I did power...
  4. Marty K

    Complete Please, merge duplicate posts

    Can you please merge/delete these 2 posts: I had network issues exactly while posting, and my thread was posted twice. Thank you!
  5. Marty K

    Slow traffic, no one overtakes!

    Hi, all. The PSL is 60, and some guy was doing between 45 and 50 up ahead, but no one behind had the b***s to pass. Videos are kind of long, but just wanted to show that there was light oncoming traffic and plenty of opportunities to pass. Also, I did not include the audio, because I used quite...
  6. Marty K

    Lucky overtake, no radar from the LEO

    HI, all. I was pretty lucky this morning when passing 2 vehicles. As soon as moved to the left lane, I spotted far ahead the oncoming dark colored vehicle, and was little hesitant if I should keep going. Note that there is no way to positively ID LEO from that far, it was just a gut feeling...
  7. Marty K

    TMG Dual (Front) - Test with PL3

    HI, all! I finally managed to do a quick test (3 runs) of my TMG dual front install with a PL3 (courtesy of @Bossdad71 - thank you!). I still plan to do more testing this weekend. Man, it's so hard to find someone to help! I got one of my co-workers to help today after work. I was the shooter...
  8. Marty K

    Lidar Testing Help Needed, Please

    Hi, all. I recently installed TMG Dual system (front) and need help testing it. I do not have a lidar gun, and located in the southern part of Springfield, MO. Willing to drive some distance to meet and test, or borrow equipment if possible. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  9. Marty K

    TMG - Test Heads Firing with LI Laser Tester

    Hi, all. I used my cell phone's front cam to confirm if the heads are transmitting when activated by a laser tester. So here's the outcome: 1. Auto Sleep Mode (Auto JTK - 4 seconds default): 2. Receive only mode: 3. Test mode (JTG): The tester...
  10. Marty K

    Ford Taurus 2007 - TMG Dual - Front Install

    Hi all. I completed my install (actual work) in about 5 hours. Also spent about 3 hours prior to that measuring, thinking of the optimal location, a trip to the local hardware store, and building my own custom brackets that I mounted to the car's mainframe behind the plastic grill. So here it...
  11. Marty K

    Installation Advice for Dual TMG

    Hi, all. I am looking into a dual TMG front install, and would like to get some ideas for my Ford Taurus 2007 SE: What do you all suggest for optimal overage - blue or green locations? Thank you!
  12. Marty K

    R7 - 24.193 Alert from Honda

    Hi, all. This is the first time I had 24.193 alert. 99.9% sure it was the Honda at 0:07. Just under the K-Block. Any thoughts?
  13. Marty K

    R7 Performance in Bulgaria

    Hi, all. I had some time driving in Bulgaria (Europe) last month, and sure had my R7 to test there. I understand this is a US-based unit, but wanted to see what it can do in Europe. Not surprisingly, police encounters were rare. In fact, I had more speed cams encounters (not GPS based...
  14. Marty K

    Couple New Detections - Short Range

    Hi, all. I haven't been active in the forum lately, so decided to post couple of videos. Nothing impressive, but just wanted to share. So the first one is 34.7, but not sure if it was C/O or I/O. There were 2 LEOs back to back (oncoming, around the bend and slight uphill for them). The second...
  15. Marty K

    Moving I/O - FF from my rear

    Hi, all. I think this encounter was pretty cool, in regards to proving how sensitive the CR97 is. The alert is towards the end of the video (0:55), but I wanted to show the whole situation. So the LEO was moving the opposite direction, and can be seen passing by at 0:35. The alert came up 20...
  16. Marty K

    My 1st K band I/O or Q/T

    Hi, all. This is the first time I had K band I/O (or maybe Q/T?). The alert was only 3 seconds long, so it was definitely a quick one. I was driving at 70 on 60 PSL and about few seconds before the alert I let go of the gas (as I always do when approaching a bend/overpass or cresting a hill), so...
  17. Marty K

    35.5 Save

    Oncoming 35.5 from behind a bend and downhill. Initial alert at about 0.9 mile. LEO is the silver unmarked SUV at 0:38 of video. I was doing +10 on 60 PSL, so just let go of the gas and kept about 65 till he passed by and disappear in the rearview...
  18. Marty K

    CR97 - Ka Q/T

    Got 2 detections of Q/T (Ka band, most likely 34.7) with no ID, cause they were really brief. The first alert was at 90-degree angle, so I was picking up some reflections. LEO is at 0:38 on the left side, targeting traffic from opposite to mine direction. There is a very slight uphill as I drive...
  19. Marty K

    CR97 - My First Save

    This was FF Moving C/O 34.7. LEO passed by at 0:47 of video (07:37:41 timestamp). PSL is 60, I was at 75 when passing that vehicle and got the initial alert. Slowed down on the uphill to 62-63 at the time the LEO crested over the hill. So that was about 0.7 mile detection over a hill and around...
  20. Marty K

    CR95/CR97 - Configuration Settings Discussion

    Hi, all. I wanted to start a separate discussion in regards to the various settings of the Whistler CR95/CR97, and also to share responses from their official support. So here are 2 quotes from Whistler within the past few days in regards to BSM filtering and Ka falses that are actually K...