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    Slight Change in GPSLockout

    The other day I was discussing with someone or helping someone understand GPS Lockouts. I then realized a use case that I feel V1Driver should cover. Currently V1Driver makes sure your "Hits" are spread in time, a "day" apart (unlike how the company with the Patent does it). That always...
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    Check out this article on MSN 8,950 HP

    I think somewhere it meant to say a V8 with 950 HP (which is insane enough) but it keeps saying 8,950 HP. But there is another spot that says 5,129 HP (also impossible). Whoever translated this from Motor Trend knew nothing about cars...
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    V1Driver now has built in "HTML" Help

    New HTML help is on each Settings Page. You can get to it by Clicking the "info" button in the upper right corner. Swipe down in Portrait or Sideways in Landscape to remove it. I plan to make it exportable so you can print the entire manual. This does not include the Map or Main Page yet. I...
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    Apple Watch Take II (or is it III or is it IV)

    Just released Beta on revamped Watch implementation. Almost complete do over. I was starting to lose hope that it wasn't gonna be doable. Apple is VERY strict on Apple Watch API rules and quotas etc. There is even a possibility they reject what I did when I release to the App Store. I had to...
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    Apple Watch Users Update

    I finally had some time to clean up the Apple Watch interface. I know someone was asking for an Option to Disable the "Raise Wrist Mute" feature and that can now be set in V1Driver AutoMute Settings. Sorry I forgot who that was. The biggest problem was Apple changed some stuff around in Watch...
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    Finally finished my V1 Gen2 Hardwire, not that I'm going anywhere

    Even though Blendmount recommended MTX-1015 for a Tesla Model X I had a MT-1015 (way cheaper) on hand, so I tried that first. I trimmed about 1/3 of the end of the probes so that less metal was exposed. It went in great. Pretty unobtrusive. I kind of wanted it all the way up behind my head...
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    New "Testing, Installation & Reviews" Section has no Installation or Review Forum?

    The "Testing, Installation & Reviews" Section has all Forums under it related to "Testing". No Installation Forum and No Review Forum. I think it would be nice if there were such Forums. I think you'd get some more cross pollination between brands by having a common Install and Review Forums...
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    V1 Ear Worm

    Ever get a tune stuck in your head (Ear Worm)? I swear I hear V1's beeping in my head just now. Ugh.
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    Odd Gen2 Issue came up (related to power I think), and big kudo's to blend mount folks [False Alarm]

    UPDATE: Was not fuse, Wiretap unplugged from splitter (under mirror cover) just while I was swapping detectors. The Splitter is 3M double side taped down. Nothing could move. I thought maybe an output wire might have moved to the V1 and Dongle but they were both out. So wierd. First, I want to...
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    Update on V1Driver for V1-Gen2 (and Gen2)

    This crashing that some folks are running into is real hair puller. I kind of expected something like this but things were going pretty smooth and thought I could take my time. The first releases to Beta and Finally to the App Store were not that large a change. Mostly fixed grossly wrong stuff...
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    Warning about using the current V1Connection App 1.61 (iOS) with V1.Gen2

    The new version of V1Connection App for V1.Gen2 is not released yet. It can corrupt your configuration depending on the options you use. New version is supposed to release some time by the end of this week (I assume both platforms).
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    V1 Gen2 in the Works

    I just released the last version that will only support V1 Gen1 to the App Store. Next release will support V1 Gen2. No ETA, it will be done when it's good ready ;)
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    What was your first car?

    In the spirit of "How old are you" thread I thought it would be fun to share what was your first car. Mine was a 1969 Dodge Charger with a 440 Magnum. I bought it in 1976 and it was in tough shape when I got it, I think I paid something like $400 for it. It looked exactly like this (not mine)...
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    Any experience in installing a V1 in a Tesla Model X (or possibly an S)

    I came up with a very unconventional way of installing the V1 in my Model 3. There was some space between the cabin overhead lights that I stuck some of that 3M Durolock stuff and it worked great there. I was able to tuck the wires along the back window and tie into the rear amp. The X is MUCH...
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    Is Running no front plate in MA asking for trouble?

    I just swapped out my Model 3 for an X. The 3 was stick on, so knew I could take it off. The X is drill on. I know there are no drill brackets. But how much would it cost me to just leave it off? I know inspection will want to see it.
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    V1Driver has been designed to be "Fail Safe" from day one

    I couldn't help notice this thread about the risks in using "other" apps. Silent Ride muted a legit alert... No GPS Fix! I try not to bash the "competition", because, well, it's all free, right. I went to great lengths to make V1Driver fail safe. A lot users just go for eye candy and they...
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    Watch out, you'll never hear it coming

    I'm sure Ludicrous+ Mode comes standard.
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    Latest Software update from Tesla encorages driver to move out of Passing Lane

    I don't have the update yet and should get it any day now. This was posted by a Model S owner that has the new update. I thought some of you might like that.
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    Anyone ready for an EV Pickup Truck (Rivian)

    My guess is Tesla will have a Pickup truck on the road with existing supercharger network (which is a must) before these folks do. But regardless this is pretty impressive specs for the money.
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    Waze on Tesla, Cool Stuff