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  1. LaughingCrow

    09 Honda Pilot install was this you?
  2. LaughingCrow

    Speedy got away!

    Cheers to the Pilot pilot
  3. LaughingCrow

    I have a excellent r3 over 1 year love it worth it to get the r7 in florida for 150 more(through prime)approx just 4 arrows??

    for me, the arrows were definitely worth the added expense. the more you know about a threat the better. I have a V1G2 and an Escort MAX 360c.
  4. LaughingCrow

    Waze Integration with V1 Driver

    just run one in the background with background notifications turned on
  5. LaughingCrow

    Is there someone here that makes the 3D alp brackets

    This guy posted earlier
  6. LaughingCrow

    No REAR K bogey alert...

    I would love to know where you purchased the mount. I have a Mercedes AMG CLA45 with a mirror that has been impossible, so far, to find a mount that works.
  7. LaughingCrow

    Will we have a COVID-19 vaccine or the V1 upgrade capability first?

    I'll have the VR update first and ONLY. I don't do flu shots and I am certainly not getting injected with a COVID-19 vaccine
  8. LaughingCrow

    Escort MAX 360c & Escort M1 Dash Camera ($649)

    Definitely worth fifty bucks
  9. LaughingCrow

    As If There Were Any Doubts About Speed Cameras

    a quick flash from the yellow light must be SOP for the red light camera companies, they do the same thing here in Tennessee.
  10. LaughingCrow

    As If There Were Any Doubts About Speed Cameras

    They do keep sending notices for about a year
  11. LaughingCrow

    As If There Were Any Doubts About Speed Cameras

    In Tennessee, we burn the tickets
  12. LaughingCrow

    Post & Get Your User Bars Here!

    I couldn't find an AMG bar or a JBV1
  13. LaughingCrow

    SEAL project termination

    I wish they treated their patents like Nikola Tesla did his
  14. LaughingCrow

    V1Gen2 false alerts

    I get a similar response from the Publix door opener with a 9 bogey count on K. I guessed it was likely broadcasting multiple frequencies.
  15. LaughingCrow

    Help Setting Up Crowd Sourced Alerts

    Thanks, everyone. I have Escort Live and use it in my wife's car with the MAX 360c. The app is pretty but pretty much sucks. I have used it and faithfully reported over the years but it seems like I am the only one in my area. I am using JBV1 and Highway Radar with my V1G2.
  16. LaughingCrow

    Help Setting Up Crowd Sourced Alerts

    Would someone please give me a quick education on which servers to use and how to use them to setup crowdsource alerts? I have done several searches and found nothing definitive. I am ready to be embarrassed by its simplicity but right now it is eluding me.
  17. LaughingCrow

    Couple old Escort advertisements

    I had one of the originals. Saved me many times.
  18. LaughingCrow

    Too much sensitivity in a unit???

    I have both a V1G2 (my car) and a MAX 360C (wife's car). If you want to run a stand-alone setup, the Escort MAX360C is a better choice. However, with JBV1 or V1 Driver running with the V1G2, it's a tossup. Both do everything you want from a RD.
  19. LaughingCrow

    Photo Enforcement Bailout by Government?

    dammit...always finding ways to waste our tax money on new ways to screw us