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  1. Deacon

    Value of V1G2 + JBV1 approach vs. Theia approach?

    This has already been addressed somewhat, but I think it’s important to realize what the right tools might be for the job. The modern smartphone is good at a lot of things. But it’s been established that it can do the kind of stuff a detector needs to do and with the speed a detector needs to do...
  2. Deacon

    V1 Gen2 Updates via V1 Connection App

    I got that, too. It’s weird to see a “May 2020” announcement in August 2020, but now that they’ve got it all in place maybe they’ll be a little more timely in the future. It also seems strange that they call it officially the “V1 Gen2 Better-Still Upgrade”. What a strange and long name.
  3. Deacon

    Value of V1G2 + JBV1 approach vs. Theia approach?

    Personally I’m not sure they had the capability nor the vision to do what Radenso is doing. But what Radenso is doing is way over the top for the goal of beeping when he wants it to. VR has decades of experience building detectors to a price, within the bounds of what’s considered acceptable...
  4. Deacon

    Value of V1G2 + JBV1 approach vs. Theia approach?

    I think they couldn’t do it because they didn’t have the expertise to leverage it fully and very possibly didn’t have the time. Even if they went out and hired someone who was an FPGA wizard, they’d already come up with the design. Apparently that design had been in place for quite a while...
  5. Deacon

    Is there still K band radar in Texas?

    Then definitely leave K enabled. Numerous local yokels run K all over the state. Rumors persist that some DPS run it, but I don’t think I’ve seen it myself. In the big cities it’s more rare but not non-existent. Georgetown is an infamous speed trap, but I’m not sure what they’re running these days.
  6. Deacon

    Value of V1G2 + JBV1 approach vs. Theia approach?

    Just because there's an aircraft flying by doesn't mean they're involved in aerial revenuing. It's pretty amazing how few people (basically nobody) looks up while driving. My dad used to fly as a federal LEO. They never ever knew he was there.
  7. Deacon

    Value of V1G2 + JBV1 approach vs. Theia approach?

    We don’t have areal enforcement around here, but that would be an interesting option for some. The rest of it I’m honestly not too interested in. 1596490232 Honestly I’m trying to think back. If Theia has existed when I got back into detectors, would I even care about any of it? Will my wife...
  8. Deacon

    Value of V1G2 + JBV1 approach vs. Theia approach?

    There are generally three areas where V1Driver/JBV1 add value for me: 1) False alert suppression 2) Frequency awareness (see #1) 3) Audio announcement of alert details If Theia really can eliminate false alerts, then the rest of it generally becomes ancillary fluff mostly interesting to us...
  9. Deacon

    Will Theia’s onboard computer become outdated and is a phone platform more viable?

    That may be the coolest damn thing I’ve ever heard even floated as a dream. My wife couldn’t care less, I’m sure, but I can’t help be think I’ll be fiddling with it on road trips!
  10. Deacon

    Angle’s here

    Can you be more specific?
  11. Deacon

    How much will Theia weigh?

    Only if your dad was a chemist.
  12. Deacon

    Shopping trolley runs red light

    I like the way you think. But...don’t they wirelessly send pics and associated data? I doubt they send a crew around to swap microSD cards so they can write tickets. And since they’re only snapping pics of violators, it would probably take forever to fill up any halfway modern storage.
  13. Deacon

    What is a great used first car?

    I can’t like this whole post enough. Definitely a good call for a useful, economical car. Go camping in it, and you can pack it full of gear. Commute in it, and it will sip fuel even with a heavier foot (relative to others). If you can find an otherwise perfect one that just needs a battery...
  14. Deacon

    Weird Frequency?

    Yes, they logo with either 24.125 or 24.150.
  15. Deacon

    Weird Frequency?

    I think Occam’s razor applies here. It seems far more likely their units are simply out of adjustment, but since they’re still working fine they have no idea. Hopefully soon enough Theia will make the whole thing a non issue either way.
  16. Deacon

    Most discrete dashcam models?

    Nobody ever seems to notice my wedge style cam, either. Only ever had one mechanic notice it even while inside.
  17. Deacon

    BlackVue New Dash Cam

    I didn’t say nuthin’!
  18. Deacon

    CarPlay 2 air?

    I did get mine in eventually, and it's been working well. I haven't taken any steps to update firmware or anything.
  19. Deacon

    DOA after power down

    As a side note, DOA stands for Dead On Arrival. As applied here, it would mean you opened the box pulled it out, and it wouldn’t power up. Something you’ve been using for a while that dies can’t be said to be DOA. Thus endeth this lesson in pedantry.