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  1. BIGGER Dave

    My first ever ipad [ipad pro 2020]

    I’ve been using the Ztotop case my my iPad Pros. Good looking, inexpensive and protects well. Amazon Link
  2. BIGGER Dave

    35.5 zingers this morning

    Had my Gen2 since March 8 and it’s NEVER reacted the way yours reacts. Mostly silent 99% of the time. Time to send yours in.
  3. BIGGER Dave

    V1G2 Faceplate Issue Solution

    Send it back on a Monday, you’ll have it back before Friday. They’re very quick with turnaround (so I hear).
  4. BIGGER Dave

    Valentine Suspends Upgrades

    I suppose it depends on your POV. I sold my Gen1 on eBay and got $250 for it, about $220 after fees. Some people may not want to deal with the hassle of selling on eBay, shipping, and the possibility the buyer may want to do a return. Trading in to V1 is quicker and easier. I sold...
  5. BIGGER Dave

    Portable speed lidar up-close - Providence, RI

    Last year I was headed to Tortilla Flats restaurant in Providence, near Hope High School. I noticed one of these units on the side of the road. Thought I got caught, but never received a ticket. I got lucky that day!
  6. BIGGER Dave

    My first ever ipad [ipad pro 2020]

    I ordered my 2020 iPad Pro shortly after they was announced. Took two weeks for delivery. I rarely use my desktop anymore, except for ripping CD’s.
  7. BIGGER Dave

    Z51---Not a Mustang but pretty dang sharp

    I ordered mine in SEP 2019. My build date is OCT 2020, with an expected delivery date of NOV 2020! A 14 month wait! So much for summer...
  8. BIGGER Dave

    What Was Your First Radar Detector

    Whistler Spectrum2 Looked like a personal arousal device.
  9. BIGGER Dave

    Will We Have Any Super Hot V1G2

    Here’s a hot one. (J/K !) A Real Hot V1G2!
  10. BIGGER Dave

    $150 Restocking Fee? What the...

    Yes, I completely agree with you. The faceplate should definitely not be peeling. Still, I wouldn’t refer to a V1G2 as a POS just because of a cosmetic defect. A peeling faceplate may not be pretty, but it doesn’t stop it from doing its job.
  11. BIGGER Dave

    $150 Restocking Fee? What the...

    POS? In a separate thread the OP stated the faceplate was “starting to slightly peel”. I don’t believe that qualifies as a “POS”... All initial units should have been sold as refurbed? AFAIK, the failure rate was 30%, not 100%. (My Gen2 was delivered March 8 so I believe that makes it...
  12. BIGGER Dave

    V1G2 Poll for working versus issue

    ^^^ Just send it back and V1 will fix it. AFAIK, V1 never gave an explanation (and I wouldn’t expect them to). Could have just been a bad batch of adhesive...
  13. BIGGER Dave

    $150 Restocking Fee? What the...

    I’ll start by saying that I feel a 30% restocking fee is (possibly) excessive (maybe, maybe not). Perhaps V1 missed the fact that the OP’s first return was a defective unit and they’re actually charging 15% for each unit (which is equal to 30% for one unit)? Another thing to keep in mind...
  14. BIGGER Dave

    V1G2 Poll for working versus issue

    Ordered March 3, arrived March 8.
  15. BIGGER Dave

    V1G2 Poll for working versus issue

    Been reading several threads regarding situations where some people have had negative experiences with their Valentine1 RD or with the Valentine organization. Some have had power issues, some have had faceplate issues, some have had multiple buy/return issues followed by stiff restocking...
  16. BIGGER Dave

    Joining the party!

    Excellent choice for a radar detector! IMHO, for now, it doesn’t get any better. As others have said, give it a week or two running solo (no app) to get a feel for what it can do. Although I’ve been a V1G1 user for about two decades, I only found out about the app after becoming a member...
  17. BIGGER Dave

    $150 Restocking Fee? What the...

    OP, on the post you made on the other thread, you stated: " when I previously owned the V1G2. I got so frustrated with the connection process that I couldn’t deal with it anymore and returned the V1G2 (which also has the front display starting to slightly peel as well)." When you called to...
  18. BIGGER Dave

    Not crazy about the mute light on V1G2

    The light is great for someone that wants to have it. For those that don’t, easily defeatable (as mentioned above) with a small piece of black electrical tape. If it wasn’t there, someone would probably create a thread - “Why Wasn't a Mute Indicator Included on the New Gen2?”
  19. BIGGER Dave

    Squirrel's Thoughts on the G2

    “The windshield mount is alright. It seems a bit more wobbly and less stable than the G1 was. It would bounce around a lot on my windshield.” I have noticed just the opposite. With my Gen1, it would bounce around and make a banging noise whenever I went over a bump in the road. My Gen2...