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  1. Brainstorm69

    RL360c 1st Impressions

    I have definitely seen some ghosting in testing.
  2. Brainstorm69

    Radenso Video: Radenso Theia FPGA Deep Dive - DSP Part 3

    Excellent video. Thanks for continuing to explain how Theia will work.
  3. Brainstorm69

    DC Fluids Ka 33.8 Testing Aug 2, 2020 (R7, R3, Pro M, 9500ix)

    Thanks for your time, efforts, and $$ for testing! I wouldn't feel too bad about running the 9500iX. I think if you had the radar gun above ground level, the 9500iX would have done better. Having the radar gun that low really can kill signal strength. That said, it definitely allowed the...
  4. Brainstorm69

    Redline 360c FCC Internal Pictures

    Like I said, not very exciting pics...I wanted some real RD pr0n.... :(
  5. Brainstorm69

    Redline 360c FCC Internal Pictures

    Strange. It's just a pdf. Works for me. [EDIT: are you trying to look at it on a device that doesn't have a pdf viewer installed?] Not very exciting now that I look at it. How did they get away without showing the internals split apart and the inside of the horn? 1596298621 Anyone else...
  6. Brainstorm69

    Redline 360c FCC Internal Pictures

    Are finally up.
  7. Brainstorm69

    R3 not lighting up

    First thing to do would be to check and make sure you didn't accidentally turn the display off. To do that, press and hold the "Mute/Dim" button on the front of the detector while it is powered on.
  8. Brainstorm69

    Announcement Welcome new member to the staff

    Thanks @sdrawkcaB! Both for your service to the community and for Rick-rolling
  9. Brainstorm69

    How disable V1 Connection LE?

    Can't you ask you installer where they placed it and remove it yourself? Or is it in some inaccessible place? Not aware of any app that will disable the dongle.
  10. Brainstorm69

    V1G2 locked up

    Well, I did say in my experience...but apparently it can happen.
  11. Brainstorm69

    V1G2 locked up

    Were you running K Verifier on or off? The multiple K bogeys doesn't happen when passing Hondas and Acuras with KV on in my experience. But I have seen what you are describing (not the lockup, but the multiple K-band bogeys) when I passed a Honda Odyssey with KV off.
  12. Brainstorm69

    RD Recommendation - V1G2 or R7

    Since you say you are leaning towards the V1G2 with an app, that's probably the way to go. I have both. Performance is simlar. V1G2 slightly better on Ka based on my experience. R7 better on K, but with more BSM falses but better reactivity. R7 basically all-in-one unit. V1G2 with an app...
  13. Brainstorm69

    Will We Have Any Super Hot V1G2

    I must be getting old....I definitely saw that testing.
  14. Brainstorm69

    planning on getting my first Radar + Laser jammer setup

    What part of the Metroplex are you in? Dallas side or Fort Worth side?
  15. Brainstorm69

    Will We Have Any Super Hot V1G2

    Mainly on Ka. Yes, detection length. See our testing below. That said, it was only one test.
  16. Brainstorm69

    V1G2 (disabling K Band; still need V1 Driver?)

    As long as you don't have super difficult conditions with lots of curves and vegetation, etc., I think you'll be ok with Big L. Does V1Driver have anything where it can change profiles based on the speed you are driving?
  17. Brainstorm69

    Will We Have Any Super Hot V1G2

    Yeah, I'm interested in your and @Kennyc56's testing results. Have you ever published them and I just missed it? It seems like you two either have really strong V1G2s or maybe I just have one that's a little weaker than avg. @Jag42's V1G2 seems a bit stronger than mine.
  18. Brainstorm69

    What Do Yall Make of This??

    Yup, sometimes you have to chalk it up to "S" happens. But if it starts to happen with some regularity, then something seems amiss.
  19. Brainstorm69

    R7 Rebooting - heat issues?

    Yeah, I think it's much more likely to be a power issue than a heat issue. None of my R series have had heat issues, and they all pretty much stayed on my WS or in my console all day every day in the Texas heat during the summer.
  20. Brainstorm69

    R7 touching windshield

    Note that the tongue of the R7 mount is longer than the tongue of the R3 mount. That's why you are having this issue. Sorry for the blurry pic.