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    Radar Roy's YouTube Page?

    I couldn't agree more with you Higado! I was always amazed at all who bashed Roy all the time over the years. Many of the bashers are people who are very well known and who write on this forum everyday. It is a horrible shame Roy passed the way he did. Some people should be ashamed of...
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    Incredible Voodoo Black Magic from my LRD950 – it UTTERLY SMOKED the Max 360!

    In case anyone missed it.....Hiddencam posted a map of the roadway the OP was speaking of when his radar detector sniffed out a CHP officer. It was a great save for sure! However, in his first photograph in Post 21, he has a police car sitting on the side of the road and a brown pile of sh+t...
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    Incredible Voodoo Black Magic from my LRD950 – it UTTERLY SMOKED the Max 360!

    Wow wasdapharm! You were one of those who I always look forward to reading your posts! I am not trying to hijack this thread. I am just trying to bring things back into perspective.
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    Incredible Voodoo Black Magic from my LRD950 – it UTTERLY SMOKED the Max 360!

    Hiddencam: Your graphic indicating the police officer is a "pile of sh+t" is quite offensive to me. These guys are doing their job. I assume if you or a family member came around that turn and was struck by a drunk driver, you wouldn't want that "pile of sh+t" to get out of his car and help...
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    K band Question!!

    Great, great video Libby! One question.....if I decide to buy the BT, can I use my phone to segment it and these segmentation settings remain in the V1 even though I don't have my phone with me? Or, do I always have to have my phone with me for these segmentation settings to remain? What I'd...
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    What is a fair price for my Redline? are right! I didn't realize I could begin posting on the FS section. Just posted my Redline for sale. ---------- Post added at 07:59 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:50 PM ---------- Sold it on Ebay in less than one hour. Got $335 plus $10 for shipping.
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    What is a fair price for my Redline?

    That makes sense why I can't find one. I am surprised as I have been a member for over two years. Selling it on Ebay will probably be easier anyway since I have almost 1,000 transactions with 100% positive score since I joined 13 years ago. Never once had anyone rate me as "neutral" or...
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    What is a fair price for my Redline?

    I apologize for not being clearer....I would sell it on Ebay and add Ebay fees so I actually net around $310 plus $10 shipping. The cheapest used Redline on Ebay today is $400 so $275 seems low???? Where can I list it for sale on this website? I don't see a "For Sale" section.
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    What is a fair price for my Redline?

    I am thinking about selling my Redline. It is the latest unit with the latest software (RDR, Ka segmenation, etc,). Only used it twice as I just can't get away from my V1's arrows. I am going to post it on Ebay and want to ask a fair price. I was thinking $310 and $10 for shipping. It is...
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    LRD950 Visor Mount?

    I saw your girlfriend in the rear view mirror. Why didn't she get out when you made the video? She seemed to be frozen!
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    Just picked up a Redline

    Dang guys...great info! Thanks! I am not sure what Ka band they use around here in AZ. Are 2, 5 and 8 the only Ka bands used for police radar? If so, why do they have the other Ka bands programmed in the Redline? How can I update the firmware? I read on another forum that some members are...
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    Just picked up a Redline

    Just picked up a Redline and have a few questions for some of the more experienced users. I use the RD in both city and highway. How do I know if my firmware version is the latest and greatest? How do I know if it has XR? Which sensitivity setting should I use along with eliminating X band...
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    9500ix vs. V1

    Hey Vortex! I also have a Lamborghini Gallardo. It is a 2006 SE. Verde Ithica green, 8k miles. LOC 5 exhaust. SE wing, lowered and converted to two-wheel drive. Are you on Lambo-talk????
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    Vortex's Max360 Review

    Vortex, Not only are your reviews thorough, your grammar and use of the English language is phenomenal! Makes it so easy to read, follow and understand your message. So many times I have to read someone's post more than once to understand what the heck they are saying.
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    Any deals to be had for LRD950?

    This makes things interesting. I was saving my pennies for a Radenso SE. BRD is selling the 950 awfully cheap. Decisions....
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    Sticky Cup on a LRD950...

    Very nice mod...thanks for sharing!
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    Wanting to pull the trigger but have a few questions

    The mute button is super accessible on the 950!
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    Radneso Pro SE Under the Hood

    Hmmmmm. Why such a price difference then? I bought my LRD950 a few months back on Evine for $150. That is $250 less than the Radenso.
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    New firmware on server

    Languy.....Thanks so much for the friendly response! What you say makes perfect sense. Too bad as I am not sure I could live without the arrows like so many others. I was so close to buying the Radenso SE. languy99;642269]Arrows are only possible with two horns, so yeah he could put in an...
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    New firmware on server

    I am sorry....I addressed my question to Michael.