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  1. Gatortotz

    Radar Late Night Downhill Pacing

    I use hitfilm express and found a youtube video for "picture in picture" for it Pretty sure the cop was too focused on my nice truck :cool:
  2. Gatortotz

    Is there any reason to keep Laser on?

    IMO if you only have an RD and no LJs and your RD doesn't false a ton to the sun or your phone, just leave it on. I've had a few ~maybe~ saves with only my RD over the years. Unless it gives you a reason to turn it off, let it stay on. If you find the vehicle falses unbearable, definitely...
  3. Gatortotz

    Radar Late Night Downhill Pacing

    I think he's looking for a "blow" candidate, in AB they can now ask you to provide a breath sample without cause during any stop. I've watched truckers and elderly folks (like 70+) have to blow at like 10 am on a Wednesday in town.
  4. Gatortotz

    Radar Late Night Downhill Pacing

    I've been on the highway behind a cop for 40 km (~25 miles) between towns on a single lane highway. Forward facing radar, C/O. That sucked.
  5. Gatortotz

    Radar Late Night Downhill Pacing

    He was going about 3-5 over, I slowed down because of the red light and then the train tracks are pretty damn rough. I wish the light stayed red though, I was going to give him the stink eye lol
  6. Gatortotz

    Radar Late Night Downhill Pacing

    This happened last night and kind of triggered me. I saw him before turning left, and was pretty certain it was a unit so I took it easy. He was definitely trying to look for a reason to pull me over, and the steep grade of the hill requires fairly heavy braking to avoid going over 60 km/h...
  7. Gatortotz

    Florida Undercover Cop with radar

    Most undercovers (99%) don't have roof rails, which are standard decor for explorers. That's the instant giveaway for me.
  8. Gatortotz

    Heywood's Mesta Fusion Testing. April 16 2020

    There's a silver explorer in the areas that I frequent as well.
  9. Gatortotz

    Heywood's Mesta Fusion Testing. April 16 2020

    There's always one parked northbound across the street from the winter club on 14th street in the row of cars where the pin is below: That's near the end of a 50 zone where it picks up to 70. The R7 will usually alert right next to the unit in this spot. They're always clean F150s or Explorers...
  10. Gatortotz

    Rabbit Goes To Jail?

    You're lucky the corolla came along hahaha
  11. Gatortotz

    NJ - Improper Left Turn ticket in New Brunswick

    I think you could easily get away with talking with the judge and playing the "I was unaware of the rules, where I'm from they're slightly different, I will try to do better next time. I am hoping you will understand this mistake and provide leniancy." At some point mention you're a student and...
  12. Gatortotz

    Theia Price Speculation:

    I've had good experiences with Alex. He didn't know there's a difference or any purpose between the green and blue ALP TX sensors though, which kind of made me lose a little faith.
  13. Gatortotz

    Theia Price Speculation:

    Thankfully most of those fees aren't usually experienced in AB (PST only). If Canada Post/USPS (typically no brokerage fee) is used over FedEx or UPS I would expect to pay $80-$150 in AB, if ordering online from the US based on past experience. FedEx is the worst for shipping to Canada imo as a...
  14. Gatortotz

    Theia Price Speculation:

    Hopefully the Canadian price is fair considering the exchange rate and those vendors don't mark it up too high, otherwise it'll just be cheaper to import it and deal with the duty.
  15. Gatortotz

    Waze usefullness in Edmonton?

    Leduc to red deer is always nice and action packed on my trips haha
  16. Gatortotz

    ALP placement on 13 BMW X5M?

    You could possibly run the cables through the hoodor between the hood and insulation, theres likely insulation on the bottom side of the hood (typical these days) and then you would only need a bit of slack near the hinge.
  17. Gatortotz

    Lidar BMW X3 gets owned

    Yeah one morning I was driving a back road, late for a site visit, constantly +20-30 and then dropped the hammer to the speed limit. Guy using me as a rabbit was impatient and decided to pass me right before a hill - R3 was pinned at full strength and coming up the hill on the other side was an...
  18. Gatortotz

    Lidar BMW X3 gets owned

    I always see people hammer the brakes on hwy 2 right in front of the cops posted up in the median, where a RD picked them up miles back. I had someone get mad at me for passing them and then going to the right and slowing down - took him a minute to realize why. He was luckier than the X3 in the...
  19. Gatortotz

    Error 2 check cables or defective sensor

    Unplug the cables 1 by 1 until it only says a sensor is missing, rather than error 2 And then I would go look at all the connections for that cable and spray some electrical contact cleaner in them, it could be dust - happened to me with one connector the o-ring didn't seat properly. Gave me a...
  20. Gatortotz

    Issue with ALP'S. Hoping for some help...

    Sometimes you can't hit the switch, maybe youre not paying 100% attention, maybe you have something in your hand. I've been hit while taking a sip of coffee. @jackhelmhold a distance reading only takes 1 or a couple pulses, I've tried my ALP's against a bushnell range finder and it just gives...