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  1. RadarScout

    Lidar Watching someone get lidar owned

    The more of them that are ignorant about countermeasures, the easier our spirited driving is.
  2. RadarScout

    Radar Late Night Downhill Pacing

    Great situational awareness! That's probably the only scenario where C/O is a nuisance. LOL. Imagine being on an interstate and have him follow you for 10+ miles.
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    Park Ranger 34 or 33.76

    A few years back, Park Rangers, Game Wardens and Marine Police were all put under the Alabama Law Enforcement with the State Troopers. So, at least in this state, yes, they have enforcement authority and can write tickets. I imagine other states do similar things.
  4. RadarScout

    My seriously bad luck with Unidens

    I haven't seen any proof of this. First time I've heard this claim.
  5. RadarScout

    PSA that they're still out there... Nothing special, but just a reminder enforcement is coming.

    He was far enough off the main road that most people wouldn't be looking at him. Pretty sneaky.
  6. RadarScout

    What Was Your First Radar Detector

    My first one was a cube shaped Whistler. It had X, K or X/K toggle switches. It was given to me by my then father in law. First one I bought was a Fuzzbuster.
  7. RadarScout

    Rabbit Goes To Jail?

    If he pulled you over you could have said you were pacing him, because it looks like fun when they do it.
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    Turning off X and K bands in Lower Alabama.

    I would definitely turn K back on. Forgetting to turn it on one day is all it takes. It's your detector. Do what you think is best, but I know that I would leave it on, even if you need to turn down the sensitivity. I've driven all over Alabama, (live just north of Montgomery), and there's...
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    Turning off X and K bands in Lower Alabama.

    I would never turn off K band in Alabama. I know in the Mobile area, there are several smaller, surrounding cities. I assure you, you'll regret turning it off.
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    Hey y'all, I'm a student with two tickets within 2 years of getting my license

    A friend of a friend got a ticket in Montgomery, AL for doing a U-Turn on the boulevard. The guy told the cop, "There's no sign saying no U-turn." The cop told him, "We don't put signs in front of banks saying don't rob, either." The fine stood. Read up and learn which detector is best for...
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    FB pushing the Escort Redline EX

    The way I see it, if they are truly selling out, meaning they are selling faster than Escort can build them, they probably won't be in a hurry to fix the current issues. Sure, they'll repair warranty units, but coming up with true solutions in firmware will be delayed, unfortunately. I hope...
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    Radar Detector Recommendation for Olasek

    The R7 is an excellent choice. It has served many of us well.
  13. RadarScout

    Second guessing R7

    Congrats on getting a great detector. I believe it will serve you well for many years.
  14. RadarScout

    Radar V1G2 vs NJSP RF 34.7 in a treeline

    Perfect example of how to use layers of countermeasures. Thanks for sharing.
  15. RadarScout

    Radar Valentine 1 Gen 2, 6 Ka mystery signals, 1 bar signal strength. 6-7-20

    That sounds like the ghosting that people were seeing early on when the G2 was first released.
  16. RadarScout

    Other Is this an Undercover SUV

    In Alabama they can have LE plates, civilian plates, or vanity plates. That didn't look like a LEO to me. Looked too fancy, especially with running boards.
  17. RadarScout

    Radar RL 360c off axis detection

    Probably a combination of multiple radar guns and reflection. I noticed when the arrows flipped from rear to front and back again, you were pulling up to the stop sign. IMO, that was reflecting signal back to your front.
  18. RadarScout

    Redline 360c's poor ramp-up and arrow flipping

    Are y'all sure @mbcls isn't a bot? He just keeps repeating himself without answering any questions.
  19. RadarScout

    Redline 360c's poor ramp-up and arrow flipping

    I'm struggling why you're being so negative toward members here. Are you saying you don't believe the members who've all experienced the same issues? Are they all lying to get under your skin? What will it take for you to believe them?