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  1. Holla

    What Laser gun is this!

    Living in Alaska, all I have seen and got shot with is the PL3--Yesterday APD posted up some pictures of them doing a sting on one of out roads and I do not know what this is!
  2. Holla

    Random ALP Powering OFF!

    My unit is at least 4 years old V2 and since the last couple of updates, which has probably nothing to do with this problem anyway! It will just randomly power off, I see the light go red and start flashing just like it would if you hit the power button. There is no rhyme or reason when this...
  3. Holla

    2018 F-150 ALP

    Well I started with this so far--- was not sure on the placement of the center head top or lower (non TX). I think for the reg sensor it may be a bit high (But perfect for a TX sensor). I guess it may be ok cause Im only against the PL3 in my area. what you think!
  4. Holla

    Dride Zero Dash Cam!!

    Just stumbled across this--a start up set, seems promising for a preorder price of $69! [email protected] / 140 degree view Article: First look: Diminutive Dride Zero dash cam aims at Apple-esque setup and use Website: Dride
  5. Holla

    2018 F-150 Placement

    OK guys I give allot of placement ideas, now I need some form you guys lol---It will Have 3 (reg) up front and 2 (reg) in the rear, Im only up against PL3 that I know of and I dont really think I need to get me a TX head yet!
  6. Holla

    2018 F-150 Limited Placement

    Gonna be getting me this truck pretty soon, this is where Im thinking for placement---The rear is pretty much only one way. Ill probably do 2-Reg sensor and center TX on this install, the rear just 2-reg sensors.
  7. Holla

    TX sensor plus 2 reg heads Jamming config vs Mph

    A little confused with this new TX: As we all know having 2/3 reg heads the jamming will occur at any speed 2-5-10Mph whatever it may be, doesn't matter cause no GPS module. Ok enter the new TX head for the center like most of us will go to-- Now with the center TX head and 2 reg sensors...
  8. Holla

    2008 BMW LI

    Purchased me some slightly used BMW LI's from here and they work beautifully, they are about 18" apart and its JTG with my LRB, that's the only gun I have so that has to do lol----Up in AK all I have ever picked up with my ALP on the other vehicle is PL3's so I should be ok!
  9. Holla

    R1/3 laser detection fix

    We all know these units are pretty horrible at picking up laser scatter, unlike the redline and V-1 that are really great at it. Does anyone know if uniden is working on a fix for this, I rely on my ALP's personally, but people without ALP's would like a little better laser detection out of...
  10. Holla

    Separation distance LI

    Just picked me up a nice set of BWM style LI's and was curious as to whats the max distance you can run them and also does it matter if I run the Bubbles up or down when mounted vertically in my grill.
  11. Holla

    Hellcat vs Hayabusa

    Good lord she is a Boss!!!
  12. Holla

    L.I placement on BMW 335

    Ok just picked up some L.I's for the BMW, all we have is PL3 so good to go! What is the max spacing on the LI's, is it like the ALP 24" max. Also Im thinking in the RED area or is that to far apart?
  13. Holla

    Detector behind Matrix dots

    Has there been any kind of formal testing with the radar detector behind the Black matrix dots (you can feel them) that allot of have in the center of the windshield. I wanna move mine off the Blend-mount mirror and install higher on the W/S and a great place will be right smack behind the...
  14. Holla

    Control pad menus

    I have never used the control pad menus or even how to get into them because I have always used my BT if needed, Now I need to get into the menu and get to where I can Download my Stats file to USB. Can someone give me the layout of the procedure to get there, thanks!!
  15. Holla

    Detectors and New car tech!

    I have not read it all, figured everyone would like to check it out~
  16. Holla

    Alaska Trooper Rolling I/O 34.7

    Finally have a Video worth posting from my Dash cam!
  17. Holla

    Dodge Hellcat chases CTSV

    WOW I would love to be able to justify this car in Alaska lol---If I lived in a state I could drive it more I would have it, its bad ass.
  18. Holla

    Blackvue DR500GW-HD WI-FI

    Long story short got this for X-mas and must have misplaced / threw away the box--Not knowing it had my SSID number on it---Now I have no idea what it is so I can get the WI-FI to workl Any idea on how I can get the SSID? thanks!
  19. Holla

    Blackvue DR500GW-HD will not load S/W-- Invalid?

    Just fired this up for the first time ever--bought off amazon (English ver) and I D/L the software 2.001E and installed fine on SD card. I install in my viewer and it starts to load and then says: "The model information is different" ?? I just looked into the SD card and pulled the...
  20. Holla

    08 Lexus GX470--ALP install

    I got my Quad Friday and it took me little over 4 hours for install, lucky for me I have a friend that is a 20 year Lexus Mechanic that was willing to help me out. I think he enjoyed tearing the inside of my car apart and getting it ready for me to lay some cable for the rear heads and I was...