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  1. Capstick

    R7 gps speed

    Has anyone tested the accuracy of the gps speed on the R7?
  2. Capstick

    Subaru WRX

    Does anyone have experience with this car? I am thinking about buying one, and parking the truck. I am not looking at the STI model. Thanks for your opinions and experience in advance.
  3. Capstick

    This guy not happy about spy pics 2015 F 150 spy shots
  4. Capstick

    Super Max $1200 Is any one stupid enough to pay this???
  5. Capstick

    33.8 in Wasatch County

    33.8 in Heber and Lindon I was driving down Provo Canyon tonight and ran into a Hebert City patrol car running Ka 33.8. This is the first time I have actual confirmation that this band is used in the state. I was using my V1C. I also found an unmarked silver F-150 running the same band tonight...
  6. Capstick

    Returns after 30 days??

    What does Escort do with returned detectors after the trial period?? Do they sale them like Valentine does?
  7. Capstick

    Photo Radar in Edmonton

    I was driving down AH towards the airport this morning. I merged on the 2 and my redline picked up KA. I drove through the construction zone and noticed a blue F-150 parked on the shoulder of the left lane. I looked at the truck and it had someone sitting in in it, with the camera system in the...
  8. Capstick

    Alberta RDFGS

    I am driving to Fort Mac from Edmonton this weekend. I had my ass handed to me last trip by IO. I will say she was one hot RMCP. I had an STI Mag on that trip and now I am taking my redline for this one. What bands will I see between these two points?? I am going to seg my redline and need...
  9. Capstick

    Finevu CR500 mount

    Does anyone know where I may purchase a spare window mount for the CR500??
  10. Capstick

    Construction on I70 at Idaho Springs

    They are working in the tunnels just to the west of Denver. If you get caught up in a blasting delay, you may sit for over an hour. I would check construction schedules on line before you travel this direction, or just take 80 and forget about it.
  11. Capstick

    905 vs LI sensor size?

    Does anyone have pictures of the two side by side? How much smaller are the 905's? Thanks
  12. Capstick

    F-150 placement

    How many heads and where do I place them?
  13. Capstick

    Nasty Accident I15

    I was driving down I15 to watch the Angles tonight. There was a horrible accident south bound almost to Baker. A toyota Camry lost control and rolled into the north bound lane. The car was destroyed and it does not appear the driver survived the crash. This is reminder to be careful in your...
  14. Capstick


    I really am not sure when I received my last ticket. I finally received one in the wonderful great white north, from the RCMP. She IO'd me as I passed a semi that I had been stuck behind forever!!! 20 k's over and the fine was not as bad as I was expecting. I took the STI Mag north with me and...
  15. Capstick

    Laser use on the rise on I 15

    I have seen UHP using laser more this year than in previous years by a long shot. I saw a trooper today standing behind his car by the Center Street in Provo off ramp SB. He was shooting back towards the S curve with laser. My rd lit up like a christmas tree, with zero pick up before the turn. I...
  16. Capstick

    STI Driver $200

    I noticed this morning that Pilot truck stops have this RD on clearance for $199. Sweet deal
  17. Capstick

    Escort Customer Service A+

    I wanted to give a shout to their CS. I had my X50 fall off my windshield a month ago. A huge thunderstorm came in while we were fishing and the super cup gave up. I returned to my car to find the RD on the ground, after it had bounced off the windshield. The button that holds the RD to the...
  18. Capstick

    Dual or Quad?

    Do you think I need a dual or a quad for this Explorer? Where would you install the dual, I understand a quad. There is a lot of chrome and the headlights are pretty big.
  19. Capstick

    Radar band used in Yellowstone NP?

    Does any one know what band is used in the park? I am headed to North Dakota next week and I am planning the trip. I cut through the north west corner of the park.
  20. Capstick

    GRE PSR-800

    I just purchased this scanner and it was delivered today. I thought this model would be the easiest to use. It is much smaller than I thought it would be. The pictures below show it next to my Galaxy Nexus. The scanner is very easy to navigate. I was able to have 5 scan lists built in a...