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  1. savedbygrace1226

    Veil email from Tom

    Please note that VEIL G5 should be released shortly but we will no longer be a retailer going forward so we have cancelled all pre-orders. RALETC has been doing Beta testing on G5 and they will test the retail G5 as soon as it is officially released. I highly suggest everyone waits for the...
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    LI Single on Yamaha FZ6R

    I mounted the head high up because of the lack of mounting locations and because I figured it would be better for helmet shots. I did a few runs against a Stalker and was JTG. I am working on waterproofing a SmartRadar to add.
  3. savedbygrace1226

    FHP 34.7 C/O

    Great long detection from the Redline BS & RDR Off. The total distance from first detection to actual contact was 1.3 miles and we were both moving. PSL here is 40mph.
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    FHP 33.8 I/O

    FHP 33.8 I/O KA vs. Redline BS, RDR Off
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    FHP VASCAR on Christmas

    I was speaking to a FHP Officer this evening after one of our Christmas services at our church. I asked him how many FHP would be on the highways on Christmas. He told me that there would be a few running laser and mostly VASCAR traps. I played dumb and asked if those were the lines I see on the...
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    Orlando City 35.5 vs. Redline BS/RDR

    So I drove from Orlando to Tampa and then back and didn't see one cop until a mile from my house. At least he was using sloppy I/O! You can see the cop at 1:01 in the median.
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    Running V1 on Back Deck Questions

    My updated Redline arrived back from Escort yesterday so I was planning on moving my V1 to the back deck of my car. I was going to use the V1 straight phone cord but 8ft doesn't reach the back of my car. I tried a 25 foot cord but the V1 wouldn't power on. I then tried a 7ft coupled with the...
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    Temporary Georgia Driver's License

    My parents just moved to Georgia and I go to school in Florida so I had to transfer my license. The DMV in Chatham County gave me a temporary paper license. Has anyone else had an issue using the paper temporary driver's license??? A server at a restaurant laughed at me and told me to try and...
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    Cars getting Waze

    Waze social navigation: Cars get Waze GPS later this year This looks like it would be a cool feature to get built into your car.
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    V1 CD inside Instrument Cluster

    I have been looking for a good spot to place my concealed display and have tried a few locations. I tried inside the ashtray, but I didn't like looking down. I tried on the dash beside the A-pillar and didn't like how it looked from the outside. Today I decided to pull apart my instrument...
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    Rear Head Installation

    I am putting rear heads on my 2003 Accord I would like to mount them in the black locations with 3M tape. I have a lip to deal with (maybe a quarter inch or less) that I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about. I am also looking at fabricating something black between the heads that...
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    V1 Kill Switch with Savvy?

    Has anyone installed a kill switch for their V1 with Savvy? I would like to be able to kill it during a traffic stop without reaching up above the mirror and turning it off.
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    Awesome use for ESP

    What if someone created a HUD for the V1? Something like this that also includes the speed from the diagnostic port. It could be an exact copy of the V1 display with the speed added. This would be great because when you get an alert you have your speed right there and you can adjust your speed...
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    Keep Cord Connected

    I was wondering if it was OK to keep the cable that connects into the computer connected to the LI. I was hoping to just leave it connected and have the USB end sitting somewhere so that I could pull out the cable and update easily without pulling out the whole CPU. Has anyone tried this and...
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    V1 with Savvy Issues Turning On

    Has anyone else had issues with their V1 not turning on with Savvy? In the past week this has happened 4-5x. I will get in the car and start driving down the road only to realize that my V1 hasn't turned on. If I unplug Savvy from the diagnostic port and then plug it back in it will turn on. One...
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    Waze Updated on Android

    Waze has been updated on Android- it looks a lot like the iOS version so if you have an Android make sure to update! Waze for Android Updates, Adds New Maps, Driver-Friendly UI, and More Social Features
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    Unmarked Cars in Orlando

    I have seen a large amount of unmarked cars in Orlando. I believe they are all Orlando City, but I'm not 100% sure. White Ford F-150 with yellow state plates and toolbox in the bed. This was at the corner of Curry Ford Rd and Conway Rd. I have also seen him on Semoran between Colonial...
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    Cobra Vedetta

    Has anyone seen this? According to the press release it has 30% more range than the XRS models- not that I'm going to buy one, I'll keep my V1! Cobra Vedetta speed trap detectors and CXT two-way radios make for a manly drive -- Engadget
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    Motorcycle Protection

    My friend is getting a motorcycle and he was asking me for advice on protection for it. I searched the forums and couldn't really find any information on the best protection. I saw the thread on the mounts made by Escort but that isn't waterproof and doesn't seem that sturdy. I know that Cheetah...
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    LI Placement on Honda CRZ?

    When I graduate this summer I'm getting a CRZ to replace my Accord. Any placement suggestions for the front and rear for my LIs?