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    Strange inconsistencies with Automute and V1Gen2 display blackout. Is it me?

    All GPS have little glitches. When your navigating it can use the road your on to sanity check things. I would think Cooldown should cover a short glitch too. It should assume you speed is constant while it's lost. But there are multiple forms of poor GPS. There is no update and updates that...
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    Strange inconsistencies with Automute and V1Gen2 display blackout. Is it me?

    It won’t savvy mute or drop pins if GPS does not meet your criteria. The log is saying it’s not getting location updates. Is it when leaving that parking lot after starting up? Do you have savvy warmup on? This allows for poor GPS lock at startup. You can set notifications for poor GPS lock and...
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    Strange inconsistencies with Automute and V1Gen2 display blackout. Is it me?

    You could lower your GPS accuracy requirements (i.e. raise the Accuracy in Distance). My guess is when you have it in “foreground” you have the phone in a better position for a better GPS lock.
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    Why does my iPhone driver app randomly disconnect and reconnect at times?

    This has not changed. I informed Valentine the V1G2 has slightly weaker signal. The only was for signal to get in / out is around the ear phone jack. Dongle was all plastic. But the V1G2 for many installs will be line of sight and closer to the phone. V1Driver is very verbal about reconnects...
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    Do you log Ka?

    I do :) You can look at Ka 33,34 and 35 separately with graphs as well as geographically on the map.
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    Check out this article on MSN 8,950 HP

    I think somewhere it meant to say a V8 with 950 HP (which is insane enough) but it keeps saying 8,950 HP. But there is another spot that says 5,129 HP (also impossible). Whoever translated this from Motor Trend knew nothing about cars...
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    Will someone explain Savvy on V1Driver to me?

    If you want to hear Ka “muted” your gonna hear everything else when “muted”. I set mute to zero and never AutoMute Ka at all. You don’t need main volume very high with it integrated audio with the car.
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    Video: Radenso Theia Development Update

    Isn't that @Vortex opening line?
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    V1G2 Ka “ignored”

    V1Driver does keep a log but they not meant to be user friendly. It also needs to be turned on. You can also “log” occurances of “ignored” hits on the map with pins. Not sure I log ignored events in the log file but I do log all muting. I doubt V1Driver muted it. But raise wrist is a known bug...
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    V1G2 Ka “ignored”

    Do you have an Apple Watch by chance. If you do, turn off “Wrist Mute” in AutoMute settings in V1Driver.
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    V1G2 Ka “ignored”

    V1Driver is an “Automuter”. What do you think it should do when it sees a Ka frequency? Potentially Mute it or ignore it? If you tell the App to not Savvy mute or Learn GPS locking on a Band then that band is essentially ignored. Meaning it’s an automatic unmute on V1.
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    Unpopular Opinion: The Uniden R7 will never get auto-lockouts

    Real Radar is often a lot stronger than falses, as you pointed out. Therefore will be picked up outside the lockout radius.
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    Update on V1Driver for V1-Gen2 (and Gen2)

    Thanks. I never set mine profile pic. I don't care for how they recently buried the installed apps.
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    V1Driver iPhone/ios Project

    The way V1Driver works is it tries to NOT use HFP if it thinks it's not needed (if you are streaming or on CarPlay it never uses HFP). However, in your case it might help. But you are typically streaming. There is a Debug Hook to turn that "feature" the "don't use HFP unless needed" off. Under...
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    Map weirdness

    If the iPhone is the host it should have no influence on GPS Location. Closing lid could impact it some. But that location under the screen is hit or miss (works most of the time just not 100%). For the longest time I thought various wireless pads were the problem then I finally concluded it's...
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    Logic vs Advanced Logic with V1D

    Agreed. Note that I think it's more than just level for it to decide to move to "full alert". It's not just "K-Mute".
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    Map weirdness

    Ahhh !!! That explains it. The Spot you keep your phone in the Model 3 sucks !!! I put a link to my solution for that in this thread but TMC took my thread down !!! Any way here my...
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    Apple Watch Take II (or is it III or is it IV)

    Yes it works with G2. I've heard mix results with those "soft" screen savers. That's why they give you 6 !!! They stay on for some folks and fall off for others. I ordered what @thanks suggested.
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    Update on V1Driver for V1-Gen2 (and Gen2)

    It will update along with all your other apps. You can force latest of all apps by going to the App Store App Click on the blue icon that looks like a head in the upper right Then swipe down pm the middle of the screen (like updating email) That will query the store for the latest. Then click...