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  1. Ferdy

    SUPER long Ka 35.5 detection with R7

    I was on a long, flat section of a state hwy here in Louisiana (4 lanes with median), no trees, no obstacles other than traffic (which was fairly light at night). Got a sniff on 35.496 front, so I reset my trip odometer. Half mile later, another sniff, couple of beeps, announced Ka band)...
  2. Ferdy

    Cobra falsing

    Does anyone know what frequency the Cobras spew out? I got a full blast alert on 34.652 today...I have never seen a 34.7 that far out of tune EVER in my area. Please post back the known Cobra frequencies. Thanks. Running 2/5/8 on my R7 BTW.
  3. Ferdy

    You can now register your R7 on the Uniden website

  4. Ferdy

    Mute memory with the R7

    Maybe someone knows...I've searched and can't find a definitive answer. When you set a "Mute memory" for a known false (like door openers), does this lock out ALL bands or just the band being muted? In particular, the R7? Has this been tested? If it does lock out all bands, another thing for...
  5. Ferdy

    Uniden Support now has .pdf files up for the R7

    Here's the link: Unfortunately, no updates to download.
  6. Ferdy

    My new R7....a K band False-O-Matic (at least in my area)

    I took a trip from Lafayette, LA (see my profile) to Baton Rouge, LA (a 110 mile round trip) on I-10 (the busiest east-west interstate in the country, from Jacksonville, FL to Los Angeles, CA). Even with settings of K band 30% sensitivity, K filter on, K narrow and TSF on, the detector...
  7. Ferdy

    Is band segmentation the same as Ka narrow?

    If not, what's the difference?
  8. Ferdy

    R7 Suction Cup Mount

    I was curious...does the R7 suction cup mount that you guys got with you beta units have a little removable rubber "bumper" in between where the two suction cup mounting holes are? It appears that way in your videos. I have a custom mirror mount for my LRD950 that uses that little hole where...
  9. Ferdy

    What exactly is segmentation?

    I see lots of talk about "segging" a radar detector. Does this increase performance? What do the numbers used stand for? Example: "2/5/8". What do the numbers "2", "5", "8" mean or stand for? Thanks in advance! :)
  10. Ferdy

    LRD950 w/DFR7 software/firmware glitch?

    I went ahead and (upgraded?) my LRD950 with the DFR7 software/firmware and got a little shock today. I decided right off the bat to enable the TSR filter, and was VERY surprised that it filtered out a speed camera warning at a familiar intersection/location where I know there are speed and...
  11. Ferdy

    LRD950 Mute Memory Lockouts Question

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but here's the question: When you lock out a false K band signal using mute memory (pressing mute twice), does this lock out ALL signals in the locked out area? In other words, if a REAL Ka band threat is detected in that same area, will the RD give a...
  12. Ferdy

    Warning for Louisiana speeders

    Most don't know this, but in Louisiana if you're caught speeding with a radar detector, by law, the fine is DOUBLED! Just an FYI! :o:pullover::readtherules:
  13. Ferdy

    Updating LRD950 from SW 1.37 to 1.51 Question

    I've looked and searched the forum for this answer, but the answer is not exactly clear to me regarding: Does updating from SW 1.37 to 1.51 help with BSM falsing or does it only affect Traffic Monitoring falsing? There are no TSM's where I live and if updating does nothing to help with BSM's...
  14. Ferdy

    First week with my LRD950

    I wanted to share my first week's impression with the 950. As mentioned in another thread, the first day I encountered a Louisiana State Trooper shooting I/O 34.7 on the downhill side of an overpass, waiting at the bottom trying to catch people speeding as they topped the overpass, hitting at...
  15. Ferdy

    Uniden LRD950 and LDR 750---do they use the same mounting bracket?

    I'm going to set up a mirror mount in my car and am buying one of LRD750 and LRD950 and am hoping (Praying actually) that I can swap between the two using the same mount. Does anyone know if they're the same? I looked on Uniden's website....they look the same, but have two different...
  16. Ferdy

    Can V1 power cord be used to power Uniden LRD950?

    I have a V1 hard wired in my car. Does anyone know if I can use the V1 RJ11 to power a Uniden LRD950?
  17. Ferdy

    Using V1 power cord to power Uniden LRD950?

    I have a V1 hard wired in my car. Does anyone know if I can use the V1 RJ11 to power a Uniden LRD950?