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  1. Capstick

    R7 gps speed

    I am well aware my speedometer is off. Read my last post. I only wanted to know how accurate gasp speed on the R7 is. My speedometer is 7 mph slow. Thanks guys
  2. Capstick

    R7 gps speed

    My truck speedometer is off due to adding 35” tires. It reads 7 mph slower than the R7
  3. Capstick

    Uniden R7 vs. Edmonton

    After spending 10 years there building AH ring road, I am glad I only visit now.
  4. Capstick

    Uniden R7 vs. Edmonton

    At least they have a camera sign right above it.
  5. Capstick

    R7 gps speed

    Thanks mine is off by 7mph. This is due to tire size. I was just curious on accuracy.
  6. Capstick

    Uniden R7 vs. Edmonton

    Grasslands is where I was IO’d by a smoking hot chick
  7. Capstick

    Uniden R7 vs. Edmonton

    All of Alberta blows. Not just Edmonton. My only ticket was in between Edmonton and Fort Mac
  8. Capstick

    R7 gps speed

    Has anyone tested the accuracy of the gps speed on the R7?
  9. Capstick

    How much would you pay for a new V1?

    Nothing I have moved on
  10. Capstick

    [Patent] High Probability of Intercept Radar Detector

    Areosmith said it best " dream on, dream on"
  11. Capstick

    warning to all who buy a Valentine One

    You cut a piece of the packaging foam? Or was it a precut pullout?
  12. Capstick

    New Radenso Pro SE - The King found its match

    Once you have arrows you can't go back. Not sure I could use a detector without the bogey counter and arrows.
  13. Capstick

    ALP testing in Utah??

    Not aware of any.
  14. Capstick

    Benefits Of Off Axis Improvement Coming In Future V1s

    I am sick of waiting. I will still buy when it is released but I had to pick up another V1. These old threads drive me crazy hoping there is new information.
  15. Capstick

    Oh boy, here we go again. Escort Evento Coming on September 3rd

    Who cares, tell me what Mike is actually doing.
  16. Capstick

    Another I/O nab I-15

    Yeah it is getting worse. Couple spots a bit north that you are DOA. You will never pick up scatter from this spot. If you want to know where it is PM me. I am not putting it on an open forum.
  17. Capstick

    Utah takes their PSL seriously, uh?

    I am still around also. I live on planes now days. The 80 zones do not have a cushion. If you are doing 85 you better have a CM.
  18. Capstick

    Utah Highway Patrol motor bikes and PLIII

    Yep. I went to the 4th parade, there were numerous bikes with the same mount. Police, sheriffs, and UHP.
  19. Capstick

    Laser is hopping in SLC

    Driving home from the airport this morning south bound, I saw UHP shooting laser from behind the barrier wall. He was sitting on the south bound side shooting north, hiding behind the barrier wall. He was shooting the cars traveling north in the car pool lane at point blank range. I watched him...
  20. Capstick

    TO ESCORT RADAR REP - Please explain MAX DNA

    Because there's no difference between the signals we call "false alarms" and those of real radar, every blocking system blocks real radar just as eagerly as it does the unwanted alerts. From Mike V website