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  1. kilpatds

    V1 mounting ideas

  2. kilpatds

    V1 Gen2 (+JBV1 unreleased) demo video
  3. kilpatds

    V1 Gen2 (+JBV1 unreleased) demo video

    I'll try when I get home. That really just means "upload to thingiverse like I meant to". Don't print it in PLA. PLA can't handle the heat, no matter the shape. Print in PETG or ASA.
  4. kilpatds

    V1 Gen2 (+JBV1 unreleased) demo video

    I did a quick 3d design in openscad, and printed that. Which means the parameters are tunable pretty easily. Let me know if anyone wants a copy of the quick/dirty design.
  5. kilpatds

    Hello from seattle...

    Oh, I agree. It regularly went off as a false in that general area before, so when it started I just muted it... I was assuming cloud-radar at the time, because it was within a mile or two of NOLF Coupeville. But then the laser alert kept up all the way home, to Seattle.
  6. kilpatds

    Hello from seattle...

    I'm obviously quite interested in that... but I have to say that I'm rather sensitive to too loud/attention grabbing alerts. I'm really not sure mentioning the specific gun/brand via voice is going to be a positive thing most of the time... vs. a generic "radar threat beeping" noise. 1582651780...
  7. kilpatds

    Hello from seattle...

    It was fine in the car for the first 2 years of the car's lifespan, and then went crazy while driving around Whidbey Island one day? I don't think it's the car. :) (BMW, but too old for gesture controls: 2015 M4)
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    V1 update Feb 2020

    Since my current V1 has a broken laser detection subsystem after only around 5 years... (it alarms about laser 24/7 while powered. I had to turn off the laser detection). Not really? (Still expecting to update soon)
  9. kilpatds

    Theia speculation burn out

    24.150 perfect sin waves are identical to each other. However, that's not what really happens. What antenna produces which harmonics? Does the frequency wobble? When? By how much? Do the other harmonics wobble the same way? Is it a perfect sin wave, or is there some square-wave elements? I...
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    Theia- money making options for Radenso -speculation

    Seriously, you could do a REAL HUD as an add-on. (rear pickup would be harmed, but given a full size rear antenna, it likely has the headroom). All you need is a projector (cheapish: $50 or so given prices I see for bad HUD units online?) and a reflector sticker to apply to the windshield...
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    Theia Price Speculation:

    Isn't the usual solution to this different SKUs? You sell the $2k version in the nice box with a quality matt-finish enclosure and <whatever else costs less than $100, but feels quality>, and then sell the $800 one in a unbleached cardboard box, no USB charger, and a cheap-feeling plastic...
  12. kilpatds

    Theia App Possibilites: Requests, Ideas, Wants, Suggestions, and all things before one is released

    I keep expecting radar detectors to cross reference your location, and automatically change the filtering. "You're not in a place where anyone uses Brand X guns, which are the only thing known to transmit on Frequency Y, so I'll generally ignore any hits on Frequency Y, unless especially...
  13. kilpatds

    Anything like a blendmount that puts the detector BESIDE the mirror?

    My current assumption is that I'll want to change my car in the next two years, and when that happens there will be a Radenso Theia-based concealed unit I'll want to install instead.
  14. kilpatds

    Anything like a blendmount that puts the detector BESIDE the mirror?

    So basically something like: and good tape? That's just a plastic block with some screws to attach to the original mount. I have a 3d printer and some PETG: anyone got links to an STL file? :)
  15. kilpatds

    Anything like a blendmount that puts the detector BESIDE the mirror?

    Valentine one, where the preferred mounting point is running into the shading dots at the top. What 3M product are you suggesting?
  16. kilpatds

    Anything like a blendmount that puts the detector BESIDE the mirror?

    Looking at the mirror of my car, I'd hate to put a detector under it: it would block my view of the road too much. Currently, I have my detector up beside the mirror, right at the top of the window. I wouldn't mind a mount that was more stable (my suction cups have failed a few times), but I'd...
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    Hello from seattle...

    I see no reason to create a flamewar in a welcome thread, kthx. :) Edit: Also, the V1 I'm currently running is NOT the one from 1993. The current one is only 4 years old or so. It needs repairs (laser circuit is broken: it sees laser 100% of the time while powered on, so I had to disable laser...
  18. kilpatds

    Hello from seattle...

    Hello. I've been running a V1 since ... 1993 or so? Sheesh. Not the same one, obviously. Considering upgrading soon, and was wondering what was going on, so came here to find out.