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  1. zuul

    Laser in Oregon?

    Can confirm. Today as I was driving up I-5 North towards portland I got hit with Laser from LE in the opposite lane at the top of the on-ramp headed south @the intersection of 217 & I-5. I was speeding but fortunately there's no way he could have gotten on I-5 south and then turned around and...
  2. zuul

    first major road trip with the DFR7

    So I drove from Portland to San Francisco down I-5 the other day... very few false alerts... and lots of positive hits. there's some construction going on between the california/oregon border and yreka so there are several of the roadside radar units that clock your speed and tell you how fast...
  3. zuul

    new (to me) car + speeding ticket = DFR7

    i recently got a stage 2+ mkV GTI and almost got a RD before i even got the car but i figured i'm old and distinguished now... i won't have to worry about tickets. first, the car is way faster than i imagined... second, speed is deceptive in that car.... driving through the washington...