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  1. Carrots

    Vic - Official warnings now available for 10-14 over.

    I just found this out today, it looks like a recent change and now the unlucky winners of Victorian camera speed tickets can request an internal review to have an official warning issued in place for the larger fines. Here's the added piece...
  2. Carrots

    Stop sign camera in DC Is this for real?
  3. Carrots

    Australia experiencing bad packet loss ATM

    Well for Bigpond cable customers anyway I imagine it may be affecting others. Just in case you're wondering most international sites are very slow to non usable ATM including this one.
  4. Carrots

    Waze in this neck of the woods.

    I've been using Waze for about a week now and find it pretty darn good around Melbourne especially for heavy traffic. Anyone else given it a go in their area? What's it like for you? Also I just reported my first speed trap, HP sitting in the median with a customer, feelsgoodman.jpg
  5. Carrots

    VIC - Lasers, video tech may track tailgaters Well I wonder what new lidar device we will be seeing after they pass this law. The camera cash rates must be falling off. Also dibs on speed being the first most common form of road accident.
  6. Carrots

    Booze busted ad from the TAC.

    It's pretty funny while driving home the message of what someone will cop after getting caught, although I haven't seen it on TV
  7. Carrots

    TruCAM in QLD

    Did any of you banana benders see this in the local news? Are the state money grubbers issuing tickets up there now with just the video evidence and not pulling anyone over, anyone heard of that happening...
  8. Carrots

    I need tires, Michelin vs Bridgestone?

    I need tires Michelin vs Bridgestone? I need to replace the tires on the wifey's commodore 225/50/16 She commutes about 120 km (75 mi) per day on some pretty average roads and needs to stick on the bends in the wet. I'm looking for any advice/recommendations on how the Bridgestone RE002...
  9. Carrots

    Victoria gets Australias first mobile ANPR

    Victoria Police has today unveiled their latest weapon in the crusade for road safety at the launch of Operation Break Up. ‘BlueNet’ is a prototype vehicle that will patrol with cameras mounted on the exterior, scanning number plates and alerting the police inside the car to any unregistered...
  10. Carrots

    Vic - The heat is on to stay safe on the road this summer.

    Stay safe or stay off the road this summer – that is the message from Victoria Police as it launches its Summer Stay road enforcement campaign. Over the next 52 days, police will saturate the state’s roads during four different operations in an effort to reduce road trauma throughout the...
  11. Carrots

    Kiwi roll call!

    Where's all those from across the Tasman? Wassup? :phoneb::phone: What's news?
  12. Carrots

    VicRoads automatic indexation of penalties 2012-2013

    Our good friends at VicRoads have put up the new penalty rates for our financial year ending June 30 2013. Below I have listed the basic speeding penalties and their increased amount for this financial year. Victoria automatically indexed and rises every year, for 2012-2013 it is...
  13. Carrots

    ANZAC Day

    anzac day last post - YouTube They went with songs to the battle, they were young. Straight of limb, true of eyes, steady and aglow. They were staunch to the end against odds uncounted, They fell with their faces to the foe. They shall grow not old, as we that are...
  14. Carrots

    Am I trippin or is my redlines ramp up significantly better now.

    I disabled voice alerts a few weeks ago and only run in spec display so I don't need the multiple signals detected voice notification that expert meter offers. I've had quite a few encounters since but can't say I've noticed the ridiculous initial I/O type response that I was getting to some...
  15. Carrots

    Heads up Victoria 35.5 contact!

    Yesterday traveling eastbound over the West Gate bridge I had a 35.500 C/O contact on the STi-D with an unmarked motorcycle traveling in the opposite direction. While this is outside the ACMA approved range for police radar it appears to be here. Perhaps one slipped through without being...
  16. Carrots

    Victoria state frequencies segmentation

    Victoria state frequencies segmentation Hey guys, I'm pretty sure I'm the only southerner on here, but I hope this info may be of help for anyone that has the misfortune of travelling through my state. Just this morning and for the second time in two years on the same local road I...
  17. Carrots

    The Ka in PA thread.

    Recently I've heard around the traps that some police departments in PA are trialing Ka radar equipment and that there was some legislation in the works in regard to what can be used for speed enforcement. I just thought I'd throw out there a couple of experiences I've had since this visit to...
  18. Carrots

    SWS question?

    Hey guys, I'm gonna pull down the Redline and give the old 8500 (S7) a run for a few days up through Oregon. I just dug it out, gave it a factory reset and was reprogramming it to my liking including turning off the default SWS setting when I realized I'm not even sure if leaving it enabled...
  19. Carrots

    Hello all.

    Nice place you have here. :wtf: It's Saturday night I'm in New Orleans and there is no beer emoticon :D