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    Factory Reset for Older V1? No Radar Detection

    I got ahold of a used cheap V1 that pulled firmware "0137" telling me it's pretty old. But it's not the case style that had the laser receiver as a little dot on the right side of the face. Cosmetically it's looks like new. It detects laser fine, powers on fine with the normal tones. What...
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    CPU Speaker Died- But LI's still Jam

    Just sharing for the other LI holdouts out there. In the first 30 minutes (of course) of a 14 hour round trip road trip, I noticed my speaker sound quality garbling a bit. I turned the system off then on and then now there was zero sound at all (i.e. no "parking aid is deactivated"). So I...
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    LI 8.20 versus Dragon Eye

    I recall reading or being told that results for the LI 8.20 versus Dragon Eye are likely in an elevated forum above Intermediate. Who knows when I'll have access to that. But since LI's are considered end of life, perhaps someone can just PM me and tell me what the results were. I'm 90% sure...
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    Connection to Sensor X are Poor Bad- Temperature Effects

    I started to have the issue listed in the subject line intermittently this past summer. I noticed that it happens much less when it's cold out. Come this past October and November, it happens much less...once the temps dropped in the 40s. On days the temps went into the 60s, the issue popped...
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    New Lidar in Overland Park, KS- Possible DE, not just PL3

    Apparently the Overland Park PD switched/upgraded their lidar. In June my venerable LI's (V8.16a) was doing just fine against the PL3s they were using. Once July 1 rolled around, my LI's wouldn't even register although my V1 confirmed a lidar hit; I did 3 passes and had the same result. The...
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    Cost of new firmware upgrade? Subscription based services?

    Like others in this section who own an LI system, I'm a bit disheartened that this once #1 system that I paid good money for not too long ago is now approaching extinction because of a lack of updates (yes, I know it still protects against many guns still out there). My question is if anyone...
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    Group Buy for AL?

    Anyone know if there's a group buy planned or going on to leverage multiple purchases for a discount?
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    FYI Only- Sending back V1 for repair thoughts

    Just thought I'd share my recent (within the last week) experience when I sent my V1 back to Valentine for service. I've read some older reviews of people who weren't happy so wanted to share current experiences. I sent my V1 back b/c I noticed it wasn't picking up the K-band from the speed...
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    Anyone have a dedicated smart phone to use with their V1 Connection?

    I like to use my Galaxy S4's navigation when driving mid/long haul trips. I was thinking of procuring a NON-ACTIVATED Galaxy smart phone to use as the dedicated screen for my V1 and V1 connection. (by non-activated I mean it won't be registered for service with a phone provider (e.g...
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    Location of V1 Connection?

    I read a few postings on V1 Connection setup but didn't quite find what I was looking for. Is there an optimal place to mount the V1 Connection in the vehicle? I'm thinking not; I can have my smart phone in the trunk and it pairs just fine with my car's bluetooth. So I don't think I need to...
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    For V1 Users who have upgraded recently

    Question. I recently got a new V1 (used) with current everything (as verified at the V1 site by serial number) to replace the one I bought in the late 1990's which was a V1.8. One thing I noticed was that my old V1 would alert to K-band when passing those speed signs that they have around...
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    ProLaserI vs ProLaser II

    Anyone know both units well enought to tell me:1) I know the PLII can, but can the PLI give you range distance to an idle / non-moving object (range finder functionality) or only to moving objects? 2) During the self test, what if anything displays on the LCD (numbers, letters, etc)?
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    Wanted: Manual for Kustom Pro Laser I

    Looking for the manual for the original ProLaser.
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    Laser Jammer and Radar Testing in Kansas

    Testing your systems (radar detector, laser jammer, or other) is now available in the Kansas City Metro area. I have a Kustom Roadrunner radar, Kustom Trooper radar, and a Kustom Pro Laser 1. While I can't test against the latest lidar threats (not in the budget to spend on a Pro Laser 4 or...
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    Sneaky shot on I-15 from AZ to UT

    Just returned from a KS to NV road trip passing through CO and UT. A couple notes to share about that trip: - Crossing from AZ to UT northbound on I-15, about 2 miles into UT there's a U-Turn as you crest a hill that slopes down towards the I-15 southbound side. I saw the headlights of UHP...
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    Laser Interceptor Users in UT or Colorado?

    Any good save stories to report or, on the flip side, are HP wise to them? Driving through there in a few months possibly...curious what the experience is.
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    Difference between BMW heads and regular Dual heads? Use BMW heads horizontally?

    Can BMW heads be used successfully if mounted like normal non-BMW LI heads? I thought I recall reading something (but can't find it) about the beam pattern being different with the BMW vertical set up. Even if that's the case, could be it be used successfully mounted horizontally?