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  1. dannyk

    ALP Not turning on with car starts half the time

    My ALP has been working great for months now, including one great save. But the past few weeks, with growing consistency, the ALP will not boot up when the car turns on. I have to manually hit the power button, and all is well. Its probably about 50% of the time it does this. Anyone had this...
  2. dannyk

    E90 M3 with ALP Triple Install + first save (PSL +60)

    INSTALL: After a long time lurking a reading I finally pulled the trigger on ALP Triples, to accompany my MAX 2. Install was simple. I utilized the ALP head mounts, with a little trimming. Power was tapped from the interior fuse box on a circuit not running much. I also powered a 5v female USB...
  3. dannyk

    M3 ALP and Net Radar Placement

    As far as I can tell the placement should be pretty standard on this car. Any thoughts? Trying to finally pull the trigger on this setup in the next couple weeks. Plan is to run triple front, nothing out back. I am in Georgia. Not sure i can get the net radar any higher.