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    What sort of KLMs you doing a year

    As it says interested in what sort of distances you guys are covering in a year particularly in south west of WA and how many times you have the mis fortune of coming across the VPS monster a week.Do you think you see them more north or south of the river or they share the pain around...
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    So anyone proven it

    Want to know if anyone out there has gone past a rear facing poliscan faster than the speed limit with their LI and was saved from a speeding fine Cheers
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    home of the rear facing poliscan Western Australia

    Hello forum members and fellow west aussies Been lurking around the forum and now its time to join Have a V1 that has served me well and continues to do so but no match for the above. Dont laugh. but also have a LPP for the front which tackled the guns very well, detects the forward...