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    Removeable Cupholder CB Mount

    I wanted a non-permanent way to mount my little Midland 1001Z that I fool around with sometimes. Grabbed a 12"x12" piece of 1/8" thick ABS plastic from Amazon; $3 shipped. I cut it to shape, with two "ears" on the sides of the radio where the U-bracket mounting bolts go. Then I used a heat gun...
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    Why Did You Get a Dashcam?

    Just curious... was there a tipping point that made you pull the trigger on a dashcam setup? For me, I had spent a few days browsing r/Roadcam and saw a bunch of insurance scams and sketchy road rage incidents, so I was already doing some research on them. Then, that same week, my wife and I...
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    Noob Time

    Hey guys! Just got my first detector -- an R3. Spent a few days watching @Vortex videos and lurking here before pulling the trigger. I'm a serious nerd, so when I go for something, I get pretty obsessed. I've already got the R3 stealth mounted and hardwired... so yeah... Anyway, figured I'd...