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    found this for sale locally - any good?

    I'm a newb to jammers - I have an older V1 but know that even newer models do nothing to warn you of laser - a jammer is the only hope. I also know that most of the older jammers are n good against the latest tools used by cops, making most older jammers worthless. That being said, I found the...
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    would a black leather bra absorb laser (even if painted darker black or with Veil)

    Although not common today, back in the 90s black leather car bras were very popular - they were designed to perfectly fit over the entire front of a vehicle with the exception of the lights. I read that Veil makes a laser absorbing paint with the intent to slow down the reflection of a laser...
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    are there any cheap or DIY options for laser jamming / shifting

    I'm new and learning lots. I have an older V1 but even with the newest I found that they (and no radar detector) will protect me from laser (in advance to slow down anyway). Here in Alberta (and other provinces) I find laser is the most common tool used for actual speed traps. So now I want...
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    has anyone managed to hack into their V1 and do their own firmware update

    I have an older V1 (~15 years) old which was stored for the last 8 years but now I want to start using it again. I checked the version and it is 3.825 which means it is on the latest hardware version of 1.8. Being an update then means just new firmware, it sounds rather easy with the right...
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    old V1 (~15 yrs old) - want advice on firmware, upgrades, and ability

    I have an old V1 which is about 15 years old and has never been upgraded. I haven't used it much in the last 8 years but want to start using it again regularly. Based on the firmware, I'd like to know what it can do in today's world of radar, and also if I were to upgrade what is involved...
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    old V1 which hasn't been used much in 10+ years

    I have a V1 radar which is about 15 years old - has original firmware - I haven't used it much in the last 8 years and want to start using it again. Without a firmware upgrade, is it any good in today's type of radar that cops use?