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    What is a fair price for my Redline?

    I am thinking about selling my Redline. It is the latest unit with the latest software (RDR, Ka segmenation, etc,). Only used it twice as I just can't get away from my V1's arrows. I am going to post it on Ebay and want to ask a fair price. I was thinking $310 and $10 for shipping. It is...
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    Just picked up a Redline

    Just picked up a Redline and have a few questions for some of the more experienced users. I use the RD in both city and highway. How do I know if my firmware version is the latest and greatest? How do I know if it has XR? Which sensitivity setting should I use along with eliminating X band...
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    Radenso Pro or Uniden LRD950?

    Been doing quite of bit of reading and watching videos on the Rdenso Pro. I always like having the newest gizmo so I have been considering buying one. However, based upon the performance charts on Radenso's own website, it appears as if the Uniden LRD950 meets or beats the Radenso Pro's...
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    Made a bracket for my Mirror Mount!

    Purchased a Mirror Mount for an Escort detector and modified it to fit on my Uniden LRD950. NOTE: this one is a little rough since I wasn't sure if it would work. I didn't take my time cutting it so there are some cut marks that will not be on my next one. Even so, you can't see these cut...
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    Display clock on the screen...K band Filter???

    A clock showed up on the screen when I turned on my LRD950 for the first time. I made some changes in the menu and noticed that I lost the clock. I checked the manual and cannot find how to turn the clock display back on. Can anyone help? Lastly, should I run with the K Filter on or off? I...
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    Needed another V1 but decided to go with a Uniden LRD450 instead!

    I have owned ten (10) V1's over the years. I always bought a new one and sold the old one on Ebay anytime a significant software change came along. Well, I purchased a third vehicle and went to buy a V1 for it. However, after thinking, I went ahead and picked up a Uniden 450 at a fraction of...
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    Need help upgrading software version on Redline

    First off, I hope everyone is doing well and preparing for Thanksgiving! I just picked up a used Redline. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to update the software. My questions are as follows: I downloaded Escort Detector Tools I hooked up a USB Cord to my "Smart Cord." My Redline...
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    V1 and color display....why don't they make this???

    I wish Valentine would begin making a color display for each of the radar bands. I have a difficult time seeing which band is alerting as they LEDs and letters are so small. A different color for each band would help me tremendously! I know there is (was) a company who make these color...
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    Need help from you V1 experts!!!

    I just picked up a used V1 and have questions if you don't mind helping me with. 1. Version 3.817. Is this pretty outdated? Not concerned about Bluetooth or YaV1. 2. Whenturning it on it flashes "P" "O" "P" then goes to "A." However, there are no setting past "H." POP is "J" and I don't...
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    V1 Ka Guard question

    I just got a new Valentine 1 for X-mas. Is it what people on the Forum call the "V1C?" If so, why??? Should I be running with Ka Guard on or off. Ka Band is used by AZ DPS where I live. I turned off X Band and POP. Any other recommendations for a newbie???? Thanks everyone for all...
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    Question on age and version of GX65.

    Newbie here! I have a GX65. The FCC number is: QL4G7GX Thanks!