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    Always follow the Rabbit!

    I definitely was. And I'd really have looked like an arse if there wasn't a rabbit in front of us, especially after saying " oh, that's just the trooper in the southbound lane, leaving his radar on, while he is sitting there writing a ticket". Lol!
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    Always follow the Rabbit!

    She's already forgotten, :)
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    Always follow the Rabbit!

    My wife recently got her dream car, a high performance SUV, and of course it does 80 without breaking a sweat, so I'm trying to teach her the finer points of stretching the posted limit safely. Since she doesn't yet have an RD in the vehicle, the first thing I taught her is to use Waze, and to...
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    iOS 2.0.50 Released to App Store.

    Do current users just go back into the app store now and download the latest version?
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    What are your recommendations for a radar?

    I run between CT and Saratoga, NY, by way of I-87/Albany/I-90 to Mass pike border, every Monday and Friday, and find 95% of my NYSP encounters are with radar.
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    NH RSA 265:26 - crossed white lines on highway onramp

    So was it like you were cited for merging too soon?
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    iOS Version [Beta] Now with Voice in Box and Mute in Box

    Ah, great to know that some ignorance is bliss. :) Regardless of my cluelessness, kudos for developing and supporting a cool and highly useful App!
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    iOS Version [Beta] Now with Voice in Box and Mute in Box

    I love the V1 app, but have to respectfully say I haven't got a damn clue what you guys are talking about. :confused: As a result, I have to guess that means to not worry about these new features ( whatever they do). :D
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    Updated V1 Configuration Tutorial

    As always, thank you for the quick response and support!
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    Updated V1 Configuration Tutorial

    This reminds me, I want to go back into my V1 and set up some additional profiles, but I think the V1 Driver/V1C conflict keeps it from connecting to V1C at the same time? I can't seem to remember how to shut down the V1 Driver app temporarily, so it doesn't run in the background. I certainly...
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    Re: Overhead Homelink source for install: I did exactly the same thing in both my 11' and 15' S4's, used these connectors for a very clean no cutting install, and only powered when car is running. Posi-Tap- No Crimp Tap
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    Tuning a V1 to your route

    +1 for not muting repetitive K-band encountered on a commute. There is a spot on my normal weekly commute right on the border of NY/MA where the pike meets I-90. Truckstop on one side and a gas station on the other, and something from one of them drives my V1 completely crazy in the K band...
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    My Valentine feels like a Dinosaur now

    I do exactly this and it works great. V1 Driver Alerts run in the background, Waze runs out front, and phone calls come and go via bluetooth. Nice clean set up IMHO.
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    Floored by VR's Customer Service.

    Funny, saw the title of the thread and thought "uh oh, this won't be good", but was pleasantly surprised when I opened and read it. Small victories should be celebrated.
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    Massachusetts lidar ticket

    I run the Pike every Friday evening and Monday morning, between Lee and the NYS Thruway, and except for the area where they removed the toll booths at old exit 1, I see very little enforcement activity during those times. I assume it gets much more active heading deeper into Mass.
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    Valentine One with V1 Driver and Waze - running at same time?

    I'm a newb to V1 Driver, so take that FWIW, but to me, if you drive the same routes every day, or a lot of urban driving and encounter a lot of falses, it is a nice app to have. It learns where the false alerts are and can mute them out.
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    iOS 11 and Beta

    I just upgraded my I-phone 6S to the IOS 11 update last night, do I need to do anything with V1 Driver?
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    iOS V1connection app update 08-21-2017

    Can you load custom profiles into the V1Connect app without it being connected to the V1 via Bluetooth? I know it starts in Demo mode when it is not connected. Thx!
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    1st time V1 Driver user

    +1, I've reset back to factory settings.
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    1st time V1 Driver user

    K out of box mute is switched on. Thanks for your help!