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    Testing ZW5

    How would one go about testing their shifters without a lidar gun? Do I go buy a laser pointer and point it at the shifter heads? I tried a remote control. This does not seem to work.
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    Escort Live and ZW5

    I've ignored this figuring it was just a bug in the app but figured I would ask. Under "Radar Detector Settings" the shifter setting "..shift..receive" is titled ZR3. I have ZW5's. Anyone else notice this?
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    ZW5 Question

    I have ZW5 shifters and the Max360c. I've had the detector announce and display "Laser Shifting" once while driving. I slowed and disabled shifting as normal. Lately I've had the laser alert while passing through toll booths, but no shifting displayed on the detector. Is this because a laser is...
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    New to the forum

    Just joined. Currently have 360c with zw5s. On long island but travel up and down east coast weekly. Look forward to contributing. Thanks.