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  1. William445

    R1 Has some decent off axis

    Was getting onto Deerfoot Soundbound Via On ramp and my R1 Alerted to 34.731 When i was halfway into the weave zone and i expected a officer to be ahead somewhere only to drive a bit down deerfoot and find a Unmarked on a traffic stop was suprised since its my first off axis catch from the R1...
  2. William445

    KA band Jumping Frequencies?

    So i was on Mcleod going Northbound and i got a Ka hit initially the frequency was 34.733 and then after ramping up to 2nd bar it jumped to 34.683 and as i got closer i realized there was a traffic stop up ahead and when it got to full tilt it just started jumping from the Two frequencies every...
  3. William445

    Redflex vans Calgary

    So last night i realized i can be a pretty fast driver and since the biggest threat to me would be those damn Low K band photo radar vans they have in this city My R1 could do the job but will A Radenso Pro M do better on the Low K ive gotten 2 hits on it so far and it never falls below the R1’s...
  4. William445

    R1 first low K band catch calgary

    So i was on blackfoot trail heading southbound and i come across a very well known place where cops run PR behind a sign and i wanted to see if my R1 would Catch the signal for once and it did, in the picture below black arrow is direction of travel red circle is cops position and blue line is...
  5. William445

    Uniden R1 KA false?

    My Uniden R1 sometimes alerts to KA 34.714 +-.002 All the times i got it i cannot see any Leo’s around is there something thats making it false or do i just need to take a better look? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. William445

    New camping spit for Mobile radar trucks Calgary?

    Was driving west bound 16th ave Saw a Radar truck sitting in between two buildings in the little cut out/ parking lot Blacked out and shut off sneaky bastard, not sure if its a new spot but watch for it almost got owned luckily i saw it and was only +5 over psl. Edit: R1 didnt make a peep but it...
  7. William445

    Uniden R1 Settings Calgary

    Anyone know a Good Setting for Calgary and Area i just picked up a new Uniden R1 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. William445

    Uniden DFR5 a viable option?

    I know the DFR5 is a bit old but would anyone know its perfomance capabilities ive done some searching and cant find much about it? And what is the performance closest to? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. William445

    Passport 8500x50

    Ive read somewhere that the passport 8500x50’s with Rev 5 are the best out of the entire x50 line does anyone know if this is true and would anyone know how to tell a rev 5? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. William445

    Reconditioned Detectors

    I plan on buying a reconditioned Uniden R1 has anyone ever owned a refurbished unit and can give their input on this. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. William445

    Escort 8500x50 settings calgary

    I know this escort is old but since its the only one i can afford right now would anyone have settings suitable for calgary Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk