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  1. Andrew21

    New type of radar? Binoculars

    CT uses the Truspeed S for sure
  2. Andrew21

    NYC Area Installers- Please Help With a Referral

    If you're seeking a shop you can goto Detailing Dynamics and ask for Eddie. He's a good guy there and can hook you up.
  3. Andrew21

    Hello from the NYC area

    @thanks @oldcelt
  4. Andrew21

    Laser Jammer testing LI?

    we're in touch, thank you :)
  5. Andrew21

    Complete change my username

    One time change only :) Done
  6. Andrew21

    ALP Locked in Parking Mode

    Moving this to the ALP section so @BestRadarDetectors can help you out :)
  7. Andrew21

    where can i get killer deal on ALPs?

    Sorry guys I had to lock this member from coming back on the forum. I had to delete your replies as well because you quoted him and I didn't want his stupid reply to show. Thanks for being patient
  8. Andrew21

    INFO Repair Process for V1 Gen2's

    Its SO SAD how an informative thread gets derailed and then it just keeps going off the rails. Unreal. Locking this thread as Vortex has already described the repair process. I'm going to delete all the other comments in this thread after Vortex's post later on today. Then I'll sticky the post
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    Mazda CX-5 ALP Install

    Awesome write up! And to take apart a brand new car on your own, bravo there! :)
  10. Andrew21

    Feedback Req: 2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid Install

    The one on the right? i think you can move that all the way over
  11. Andrew21

    Feedback Req: 2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E Hybrid Install

    It looks good but you should test it. But from what I can see on the pictures, you can move that sensor out another inch or so. See if you can do that. This way you won't get reflections from the TX sensor. Test it and let us know! :)
  12. Andrew21

    This guy got tagged at 150mph on a bike with LIDAR by California Highway Patrol

    Thats crazy he got caught. If you blew by a cop at 150mph, that cop would have to go at least 250mph to catch up to him. Thats a wild ticket if you ask me
  13. Andrew21

    Anyone change out inner tie rods before?

    yeah it is aftermarket. I can get one of those worm gear clamps if needed. Just wanted to know how to use it. But thank you on the tip :)
  14. Andrew21

    Anyone change out inner tie rods before?

    Now that makes sense. I asked on Amazon and one guy said thread one loop through the other and then bend it. I was like..HUH??? how the hell is that supposed to stay tight? Thank you my friend.
  15. Andrew21

    Anyone change out inner tie rods before?

    I've done a ton of suspension before as well but this has me confused. I'll post a pic
  16. Andrew21

    Anyone change out inner tie rods before?

    All, I've done outer tie rods before but never inner. Looks easy as I have the tool but I ordered a new bellow for the rack and pinion. They gave me a metal strap for the larger side of the rack when installing the bellow but then there's a piece of wire with two loops on the end. Have no...
  17. Andrew21

    Announcement Welcome new Moderators- InsipidMonkey and ObeerWANKenobi

    All, Let's welcome aboard @InsipidMonkey key and @OBeerWANKenobi to the moderator team! These guys have been on the forum for a long time and would like to contribute more by helping out moderating the forum on a daily basis. Also, wanted to thank @ThreePedals6.2 for his time as a...
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    Announcement RDF - Lets stop the crap 2020

    Members, Over the last few weeks-months we have noticed an increase in unnecessary bickering, attacking other RDF members, disrespect for staff, baseless bashing of products/brands, and general disorder on a forum which is supposed to have a common enemy, yet it seems we have become each other's...
  19. Andrew21

    83 in 65 on I684

    Okay friend got the same exact ticket. How funny. Well not really but its from the city of Greenburg. From what the trooper told her, to show up in court. I think he won't show up but you never know. Grab an attorney for shure
  20. Andrew21

    Theia bashing nonsense

    This thread has run its course. Closing.