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  1. Flonase

    Printed Adjustable Rx Holders [Prototype]

    ASA is really nice - prints at work with it turn out great. How is UV resistance of ASA vs ABS? Edit: looks like ASA is much superior to ABS for UV and weather resistance. Nice!
  2. Flonase

    ALP module holder box to clean up installation

    Updated design! When I upgraded to the HW4 CPU, I discovered that it's a *bear* to push in the release clips on anything plugged into the bottom of any box. I guess I made the openings too close to the outline of the ports... I've been continuing (slowly) to work on my install, and decided to...
  3. Flonase

    Waze removing police report option in some countries!!

    Yep, traffic in general is way down right now, but law enforcement isn’t. Seems like a numbers game...
  4. Flonase

    Driving in Ireland

    Not really speed or law enforcement related, but... I was in Ireland for work this past week. I drove my rental car (small Opel hatchback) from Dublin airport to the customer site about an hour and fifteen minutes away. Google Maps took me on some rather rural roads. So anyway, roads don't...
  5. Flonase

    Departure of the Security Team

    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate this place, and can only imagine the work and stress required to keep it so. Thanks to finding this hobby, I've designed and installed my first circuit board and started to get into 3D printing. Growth and learning, growth and learning... In other...
  6. Flonase

    Accessory On?

    What do you mean? ALP turns on when ignition is turned to accessory position? If that’s it, just tap power from an acc-on circuit.
  7. Flonase

    Integrated ALP and Net Radar

    I stand corrected!
  8. Flonase

    Integrated ALP and Net Radar

    EDIT I was wrong - see below.
  9. Flonase

    Printable Parts for an ALP System

    It depends on the printer. Some can do two colors in each layer. If you want to go crazy though, check out Polyjet printers...
  10. Flonase

    Printable Parts for an ALP System

    We do this at work sometimes. If the part will be visible, it’s hard to hide the seam. And if strength is required, well, there are a lot of considerations, even for single pieces. Fun stuff though!
  11. Flonase

    Printable Parts for an ALP System

    My Monoprice Ultimate has a 20 cm x 20 cm x 17.5 cm max build volume.
  12. Flonase

    Printable Parts for an ALP System

    The module holder is pretty small. It’s only slightly bigger than the ALP CPU (obviously). Corner wise it would fit in a lot of hobbyist printers...
  13. Flonase

    Head Toe in and out measuring

    I made a laser boresight holder that snaps into the ALP brackets - that might be another option. You can grab the printer file from the thread below if you want.
  14. Flonase

    Driving with no number plates

    I feel like your chances of being let off with a warning go from 5% to 0%.
  15. Flonase

    Driving with no number plates

    Question: are any states known for giving citations to out-of-state cars that don’t run a front plate? I’ve always assumed that running w/o one makes you a bit more of a target - why piss off a constituent with a ticket when you can give one to someone from another state, right? But I don’t...
  16. Flonase

    Radar Legit 33.8

    Just had my first legit 33.8 today. US 35 about 20 miles north of Des Moines, IA. Sheriff rolling CO northbound. It’s real!
  17. Flonase

    General Question About Installation of Remote RD Antennas

    I noticed a significant *increase* in BSM falses when I moved my NetRadar DSP from a windshield mount to low in the front grille. It may have been coincidence as my typical drive also changed around that same time, and it was spring so I suppose new car sales started ramping up for the season...
  18. Flonase

    Complete SUGGESTION: Advanced Member Announcements

    Can I throw some food for thought out there? Maybe keep the congrats thread or forum restricted to Advanced? It’s all positive when you welcome others to a level you already have. As an Intermediate on the slow road to promotion (maybe? I hope?), I’d have varied internal reactions to seeing...
  19. Flonase

    Advertising Rules!

    Rules may be viewed as an unofficial history of things that have happened. This holds true in pretty much all places...
  20. Flonase


    There are recommendations for thumb drive. USB 2.0 (not 3.0) and smaller size, like 8GB or smaller. Format as FAT32. Use a good brand like SanDisk, not a no-name eBay special.