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  1. HamSolo

    Should I keep or sell my Gen.2?

    The only reason as to why I am considering this is because I don't want my detector to die on me as well, like my cousins new Gen. 2 did. Or should I stick it out, because so far it is working fine?
  2. HamSolo

    max 360, vs ixc, what’s the main difference besides directional arrows?

    What’s the main difference between these two detectors besides the directional arrows on the 360c. As I’ve heard range orherwise is about the same, unless you get the redline ex.
  3. HamSolo

    Has anyone heard of the Neoline X-Cop 9100 ? From what I heard it is very good at detecting MRCD/MRCT &Gatso, as that where this device excels as that’s what it’s strongsuit is. I really want to buy it, but went to make sure it’s compatible in USA.
  4. HamSolo

    How frequently is the database for redlight/ speed cameras is updated on a regular basis?

    Also in comparison to Escort live, which one is better?
  5. HamSolo

    Is Escort releasing a new detector anytime soon?

    I heard about the redline ex-c but that’s about it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. HamSolo

    I am considering purchasing the Cobra Dual Pro 360, to run alongside my V-2.

    Mostly because I live in Chicago and we have a ton of pos red light/speed cameras around here. Good or bad idea ?
  7. HamSolo

    Valentine-1 Gen. 2 vs 35.5 Ka Detection

    I would say overall it did pretty well.
  8. HamSolo

    Blend-Mount V-2 Install

    Just wanted to show you how clean the install turned out, and now finally my detector is properly aligned and mounted as it should be.
  9. HamSolo

    Uniden R7 35.5 Ka Impressive Detection.

    Very impressive detection of 35 Ka frequency.
  10. HamSolo

    Chicago MRCT Detection

    Will my new v1 Gen. 2 be able to detect red light and speed camera low powered k band radar before it’s too late? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. HamSolo

    V1 G2 is my official detector!!

    Glad I returned the redline ex garbage before it was too late. 1584223878 Better angle I positioned the detector. 1584223955 Portrait mode shot from 11 Pro
  12. HamSolo

    Escort Redline Ex Vs. Ka Detection

    Here is a sole test of the Redline Ex vs. Ka frequency detection.
  13. HamSolo

    Shot of the V1 Gen. 2 in stationary Mode

    While I consume Burger King as I was starving. But back to point, jus wanted to share this shot, as the colors and contrasts of my interior and v-1 gen. 2 and the ‘17 BMW X5 ambient lighting really make it look nice. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. HamSolo

    V1 Gen 2, vs. Ka (34.7)

    I did a new sole test to demonstrate the V1 gen. 2’s amazing detection capabilities in inclement weather conditions. [] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. HamSolo

    Let us hope that escort is working on some r&d to compete with the new v1 gen. 2

    Otherwise I feel they will fall far behind, since no one has a reason now to purchase the max 360c, since the new v1 gen. 2 has superior range and the arrows on the v1 w the new OLED display look way better of course, as that’s a given especially in the dark. I still love my redline ex and...
  16. HamSolo

    I just purchased a redline ex and so far it is great!

    I also pre-ordered the v1 generation 2, which comes in tomorrow, so I can test these detectors and see which is the better contender. I am most likely going to keep the redline ex since I already love it and sell the new v1 to someone either on here or another platform if I don’t like it. 1583282900
  17. HamSolo

    I am on the fence on purchasing a new r7, or waiting on the upcoming new v1 anticipated release?

    I am personally leaning on the r7 and calling it a day, considering I am a MAC OS User and like having GPS functionality such as redlight/speed cameras. Will anyone else agree I am making the right choice?
  18. HamSolo

    Improper turn ticket

    I have two options, either pay the ticket or go to traffic school, as my attorney advised that fighting Lake County Illinois Police judges is going to be tough. I am leaning towards traffic safety school, what would you advise to do if you were in my shoes?
  19. HamSolo

    Is it advisable if you live in USA to purchase a Genevo Max, or to hold out for the upcoming Theia by Radenso?

    I am currently in the market and really want the best top of the line detector with build quality and performance.
  20. HamSolo

    What Lidar, laser gun should I purchase to test my TMG A-15?

    I was looking at the Kustom signals pro lite + and A pro laser 3. Should I also look into a TruSpeed ?