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  1. NVR2FST

    1 LEO - 2 Radars - Front & Rear

    Last night I noticed a Seminole County, Florida, Deputy Sheriff parked, lights-out beside a 2-lane road (35 MPH PSL) and as I passed him my JBV1 displayed the two frequencies shown. The "front arrow/rear arrow" indicator switched direction as I passed directly beside him. Would it be correct to...
  2. NVR2FST

    CSA Update Time Period

    The shortest time from when I marked a cop on VVaze to when JBV1 reported it was was 16 seconds, that is until last night. Last night I got a 1 second alert from JBV1. That led me to think that with no other traffic being present, if the leo had JBV1 on his phone (highly unlikely, I should...
  3. NVR2FST

    Happy New Year, TMG

    Happy New Year to TMG, to all those who have worked so tirelessly to bring this counter-measure to North America and to all of you who have had the faith to invest your hard earned dollars in the endeavor by purchasing a TMG system for yourself. What are your expectations, hopes, wishes and...
  4. NVR2FST

    N.J. Study Reveals Need For Higher Speed Limits

    A study by, based on the "85 Percentile Rule", revealed that major highways in the Garden State should have higher speed limits. In some cases as high as 80 MPH. Are the speed limits a joke? A radar gun and some math found the answer
  5. NVR2FST

    Anybody Here?

    Knock, knock! Who's there? No new posts since June 21, or is my phone failing to update this channel? Posted from my Studio XL 2 using the RDF Mobile App!
  6. NVR2FST

    YaV1 And Priority Alerts

    When receiving multiple alerts our V1's will indicate the strongest signal by flashing the directional arrow which corresponds to the direction from which the strongest signal is being received. IOW, if I am getting both a Ka band signal from ahead and a K band signal from behind, and the Ka...
  7. NVR2FST

    FHP Using 33.8

    I'm not sure where to report this. Encountered FHP Ford Explorer shooting 33.8 GHz @ intersection of Florida S.R. 417 and I-4. Je Suis Charlie Martel
  8. NVR2FST

    Garmin GPS/Dash Cam/Driver Assist Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.
  9. NVR2FST

    What would a 34.578 GHz mean to you?

    Got this in the Orlando area, Semoran Blvd in Casselberry. 34.578. Never saw anything suspicious. Free men are not equal. Equal men are not free.
  10. NVR2FST

    Is anyone Using An Android/iPhone Rear View Mirror?

    I've been seeing Android RVMs for sale on Flea Bay for around $100 - $200. They feature GPS navigation and, often, forward looking and sometimes even backward looking "dash" cams. Anybody have any personal experience with them?
  11. NVR2FST

    Orange County (Orlando) Florida Speed Enforcement

    If you happen to live in the Orange/Seminole County area of Central Florida, near Orlando and wish to experience real world encounters with L.E.O.s using Ka-Band radar and UltraLyte 20/20 laser speed detection there are several areas where you stand a good chance of doing so as of February...
  12. NVR2FST

    Hello From Central Florida

    I'm pretty much dedicated to my V1, L.I. and a bit less so to my Cheetah mirror (V1 interface). Oh, and no L.E.O. has ever noticed my stealth license plate cover in the five or so years I've had it. I drive an EVO X and took off the rear wing so as not to be advertising "Boy Racer" or as some...