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  1. knight_man

    V1 Gen2 First Impressions

    OK I am a bit of a fan boy, I REALLY enjoyed my V1 for a long time. But I do own Escorts, Unidens, a Radenso (and have owned a solid clutch of Bels, Cobras, and Whistlers); and which one I run just depends on where I am headed or what mood strikes me. Typically I'm in the mood for long range. I...
  2. knight_man

    The Jam Must Flow

    13 Focus, TMG Dual Used a hole behind the trim near the passenger window to get inside.
  3. knight_man

    R7 K band 23.838

    Got an interesting hit today running the R7. I don’t have a vid or pic (might as well didn’t happen, I know). And honestly I was pretty distracted listening to the radio and thinking over some things at work I am working on. So I am tooling along and suddenly Beep..... Beep..... I glance up...
  4. knight_man

    R1 Warranty Replacement

    So I sent my R1 in to get checked out, the range was hit or miss, didn't really reflect the videos and testing I see here and around the YouTubes. A Warranty replacement has been issued, just waiting for it to come home. Description says "Weak Signal". Did I just have a cold or faulty unit? Did...
  5. knight_man

    R7 potential issue

    Ok so today we hit the mid 90s in temps, relatively high humidity. I jumped in the car after work and the R7 said "GPS Error". Weird, I thought, never had any issues so far. Version 124, reset on reflash, etc. Actually had to reset it after the boss drove that car the other day. Dark tint where...
  6. knight_man

    Pro M First Month

    The challenge here is to replace the Redline in the family vehicle. It was originally going to be a fast car and now the boss and management have an (unmodified) quick, safe, family car... They said these false alerts are out and I don't like swapping detectors around. I need something good...
  7. knight_man

    Pro M Display

    I figure this is already answered but I have been watching videos and searching a bit. Please link me if you know the droids I am looking for... Does anyone have a pic of the Pro M alert display in Bars and Frequency mode? Secondary question, how does the Pro M do with multiple bogeys? Thanks...
  8. knight_man


    So with the R7, the recent supposed news on the V1, and of course now 2 variants of the 360, seems that directional signal indicators are becoming more common. Very exciting times in the countermeasure community. Or I am excited... So just poking around for some opinions, how are the arrows...
  9. knight_man


    OK, so I have been running my R1 for more than a few months now and I have had some really close calls, some serious ghost signals, and even 1 wow moment. I own an x50 Black, R1, V1, and Original Redline, and they all get used pretty regularly so I feel like I have a solid comparison and...
  10. knight_man

    WVSP is tough to beat

    Just a little info so you don’t have to ask: Mirror mounted, relative level and straight, not behind tint, factory segment setting, highway mode, no auto mute, voltage in car is good, RD doesn’t live in the car, R1 is less than a month old. So yesterday I had an interesting encounter with my...
  11. knight_man

    New kid on the block (sort of)

    New member. Long time reader/prowler. Thanks for all the info and shared wisdom here guys- great stuff! I have owned several of just about every type of window mount radar detector out there since the 90's- Escort, Bel, Whistler, Cobra, Valentine, Uniden, and even a few others that I don't...