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  1. AllenDoc

    2.2.2 released

    Just amazed at all Amazing ideas you come up with. Thank you, JB
  2. AllenDoc

    Waze Getting Lane Assist

    It has been on and off the Beta for a few months. It is finally working, unless there is recent construction, then you have to submit a Map Edit.
  3. AllenDoc

    2.1.2 released

    I've wanted something like this also, almost like you keeping that Ka alert grey longer, 2 miles out on a confirmed LEO, I forget sometimes, confirm .5 mile reminder?
  4. AllenDoc

    2.1.0 Preview - Brake Force Detection for TMG

    Where do you come up with these ideas? Just WOW! Can't wait to test with @thebravo this feature! Thank you JB for everything you do for us!
  5. AllenDoc

    JBV1 TMG Users

    @Jag42 MAYBE send a demo system to him, free publicity!
  6. AllenDoc

    PSA concerning JBV1 from a long time user...

    Everyone, both Gen1 and Gen2 users, please don't forget, or take for granted that @johnboy00 first created this app as a hobby, for himself, and many of us have been lucky to use this a few years. Many of us slowly go to experience the new features over time, and I can't imagine coming into...
  7. AllenDoc

    Change strength percentages back to number of segments/dots?

    I don't think I would like % based...
  8. AllenDoc

    Transfer GPS lockout from V1driver to JBV1

    You can also set to your learn for for a small time in between, like one hour, and make 3 local passes in one day, and you will be set up.
  9. AllenDoc

    Sincere question about V1 or V2

    @Bloovy One probably uses the most data that I know, so he can answer better... But I believe you can just hot spot off your iPhone.
  10. AllenDoc

    Sincere question about V1 or V2

    <Begin Retired Aviation Navy soap box> I got to spend the last part of my career in a 737-700 cockpit (Navy calls C40A). The amount of information there, TCAS (traffic collision avoidance system), Weather Radar, the flight path, the HUD... I always just wanted that in my car, the situational...
  11. AllenDoc

    New/Upgrade V1 for JohnBoy

    Completely agree.... I do try to donate monthly, that is how much JBV1 means to me... If others can only give a $1 each, me and Bloovy will cover the rest, but I am sure you care for JBV1 as much as the next if you are here. Thank you @johnboy00 for what you do for us, our way of saying thanks!
  12. AllenDoc

    New/Upgrade V1 for JohnBoy

    @Vortex That would be amazing, @johnboy00 would never ask that, but what he has done for our community... A lot of us would pay for JBV1, and he says it is free. Just wow! Really look forward to the unboxing video, hopefully JB gets you the new API in time for your unboxing and you can show...
  13. AllenDoc

    New/Upgrade V1 for JohnBoy

    @Bloovy One @mrmagloo @Mushin @goblin @LouG @slowpok @barry @dchemist @System @Vortex @LeftLaneInPA @CJR238 Others?????? If @johnboy00 needs an upgrade or a new unit, I'm still committed to JBV1.... What say you all?
  14. AllenDoc

    Anyone only run Ka band now?

    I'm more East Coast Central Florida, but K is all over the cities and County. FHP is Ka or Laser while on 95. I rarely have BSM false anymore thanks to @johnboy00 JBV1, I actually have more leaky Radar detector Ka on 95 from cheap detectors. @thebravo What say you? Any K down there?
  15. AllenDoc

    VPR CPU and JBV1?

    @Jag42 can you resolve this for JB? And I just saw your reply Jag....
  16. AllenDoc

    1.9.9 released

    Thank you JB for always making my day with messages like this! I also hope you feel better, as noted by @thanks this is a shorter month coming up. I just sent you a donation, it was a little overdue, I am sure everyone else is also taking care of you! I look forward to testing the new range...
  17. AllenDoc

    How does JBV1 detect aircraft?

    @johnboy00 is an amazing Software Engineer and found a real time database that doesn't have PAWS aircraft removed.
  18. AllenDoc

    What does the white arrow in the alert arrow mean?

    It is showing you the signal strength between front and rear antennas. In your example the front antenna is also seeing it, but the rear had a higher strength detected. When it is equal, you get the side arrows. In the VVaze alert it is pointing to it.
  19. AllenDoc

    Newb Question

    I do not know the answer as I leave my screen always on. This would be a nice feature to be able to Toggle ON/OFF... Welcome to the Fanclub!
  20. AllenDoc

    HUDWAY Drive

    Same thing happened with the Cast. But since they have you waiting so long, can always write them on FB and get a Cast at a very cheap price to hold you over.