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    May 2020 Owl Cam Is back in Business

    1589935748 1589935817 ALL::: I did a live chat with the company the rep confirmed they have taken over OwlCam! That’s why our live video feeds are working today! For the time being if we need assistance email [email protected] Rep assured me they are a big company and won’t bail on us...
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    Vezo 360 ArVizon

    Can I please get some help on this dash cam? How do specifications look...
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    Owl Cam DOA

    HI all, I need help replacing my Owl Cam with a portable dash cam that does all the Owl Cam did. I've read about Raven, but not sure if good cam. Plus Waylen 360. I need the cam to do notifications. Do any portables do this? I didn't want have to use a hotspot since Owl Cam didn't. I would like...
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    Using JBV1 Valentine 1 gen 2

    Hi everyone Just started setting up my v1 gen2 1 how do I use the red light and speed cam feature? I saw them today and didn't see anything show up on screen or map? or say anything? Do I have to do something to make it work? 2 When I connect to JBV1 does my v1 gen 2 screen go blank? 3 does...
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    trying use the v1 connection app

    Hi all please help me I had my v1 setup to old v1. Today I got v1 gen2 but when I open the app. It wants to connect v1 and doesn't try connect to v1 gen. 2 what can I do? I use both detectors so what are my options?
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    my jbv1 was setup for V1 and I want setup for my v1 gen2. When I open the app. it tries to connect to my old one. I'm using android 9.0 on my lg plus 35. How can I get app to connect? I still use both detectors so I don't wanna lose the first v1.
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    Sweeping question had in JBV1 please help with my question below

    I like to thank everyone for explaining everything to me. Does k band get all the freqies of low powered guns? I've seen 24.110 in my area I would think that this is a low powered gun. Can I please ask what K Verifier on does? I think v1 gen 2 Auto Sweeps 33.8 from 33.675-33.925 so no sweep...
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    custom sweeps gen2

    I really want help setting up my V1 Gen 2 . First does anyone have sweeps and features that should be turned on and off? I'm new to this v1 gen2 and can't find much on this site for features I should use. I'm in R.I. and we have a lot of ka 34.7 some 35.5 and 33.8 There is laser and k used in...
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    I have a Question On JBV1 Working With V1 and V1 gen2

    Can I please get some help? I use JBV1 with my V1, and was looking to get v1 gen2. If I opened the JBV1 world my setting go 2 v1 gen2 when opening the JBV1 (custom Sweeps)?
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    My Owl Cam Is on way out

    Hi all I real need help getting A New Dash Cam. I have Owl Cam But company is out of Business or soon to be. I need a cam that can be switched from car to car,has a cam to record outside and cabin. I was looking at Raven. Here is the pricing below. The 1gb 4G LTE data per Raven, per month. Is...
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    rj11 to usb c connector or adapter

    I want know if it's possible to get a adapter that would be able plug into my rj11 hired wired cable , to usb c so when the Radenso Theia comes out I can run from that cable. Please let me know.
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    Vantrue N4 DashCam 3 channel

    How Are Stats On This? Vantrue N4 Dash Cam 3 Channel 1440P Front & 1080P Inside & 1080P Rear Dash Camera with Infrared Night Vision, Super Capacitor, 24 Hours Parking Mode, Motion Detection, Time Lapse, Support 256GB Max
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    Red Light & Speed Camera Database for Pro-M and XP 01/2020
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    ALP Won't Go Blue Says Gps Is Discounted I don't use gps

    My ALP won't turn blue stays yellow says gps sensor antenna disconnected. I don't use gps. What can I do to get my system to work or go blue?
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    Red Light & Speed Camera Database: Radenso Pro & XP
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    Firmware update 10-29-2019

    I just did my firmware update but my android phone made me use my pin for bluetooth update.
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    Red Light & Speed Camera Database: 10/8/19 Update File Download Link Latest Version: v1.35 released 3/20/19 Red Light & Speed Camera Database: 10/8/19
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    Red Light & Speed Camera Database: 10/4/19 Download the Radenso Updater Application and launch the updater. Download Radenso Pro Series Updater (v3.1 - 9/10/19)
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    Red Light & Speed Camera Database: 9/16/19 1569541279 Red Light & Speed Camera Database: 9/16/19
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    Heading From Rhode Island To Naples Maine Any ideas of what I should look for?