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  1. Flonase

    Driving in Ireland

    Not really speed or law enforcement related, but... I was in Ireland for work this past week. I drove my rental car (small Opel hatchback) from Dublin airport to the customer site about an hour and fifteen minutes away. Google Maps took me on some rather rural roads. So anyway, roads don't...
  2. Flonase

    Printable 3D Part - Boresight holder for laser alignment

    I had hoped to include a description of using a boresight to align the heads on my ALP system, but I didn't get it done before I put the TT into storage for winter. I printed a boresight holder for the ALP brackets. It worked great, but I didn't have enough adjustment on my setup to get my...
  3. Flonase

    USB write failed - two possible root causes

    Am revisiting my ALP config, which I prefer to do sometimes on a computer instead of on my phone. Obviously this now requires writing the config file from the ALP CPU. I had the dreaded "Write Failed" message repeatedly, with a flash drive that had worked in the past. I tried a bunch of...
  4. Flonase

    LED only lit when app running

    Just swapped in my HW4. Everything seems fine, *except* that the LED is completely dark whenever the app is *not* connected. Once the app connects, the LED lights up and seems to behave as it should. It goes dark again as soon as I quit the app. I'll play with it some more tomorrow for my...
  5. Flonase

    2005 Audi TT ALP + NetRadar DSP Install - Phase 2

    Well, another driving season is almost over for the TT, and it's about to go into hiding for the salt season. Made some further progress on the system, but there will be a Phase 3. Big items were installation of the 2RX+1TX heads in the front grille, installation of the GPS antenna in its...
  6. Flonase

    App Feature Suggestion: map screen on kill

    Drove by a multi-LEO speed trap tonight. Five cars pulled over by five squad cars. NetRadar going crazy. I had plenty of warning. Anyway after I drove past it all, I got that weird spider-sense feeling about a vehicle kind of pacing me. I decided to kill the ALP system. Hit my kill switch...
  7. Flonase

    Accessing stats / alert log

    New user here. Really liking it so far! Would like to see list of alerts but for the life of me cannot find it. Is it possible to go back and see a log of alerts somewhere?
  8. Flonase

    Ka 34.2? What was that?

    Did not see source. What could this have been?
  9. Flonase

    Just bought a used V1 - so new one should be out tomorrow :-)

    Just picked up a barely-used, no-upgrade-needed V1 off of Craigslist for $150 today. I’m sure that means the revised model will be released tomorrow... You’re welcome, everybody!! :p
  10. Flonase

    Nice little iOS ALP Connect update

    Notifications have been updated to include band and frequency - prior to update, the notification simply said “Radar”. Nice!!
  11. Flonase

    URL to access our configuration file?

    Is there a new URL that gives us access to our configuration file? I used to be able to go to (where the X's were my serial number) and see / change my last config. I prefer looking at the config page on my computer vs. on my small phone screen...
  12. Flonase

    Confirming when RX heads fire with TX head installed

    I just want to confirm something - hoping for help from Advanced users. If I have a 2 RX / 1 TX head install in the front of my car, under what circumstances will the RX heads fire? I've found mention that they will fire against TSS, but also have seen BMW install recommendations with vertical...
  13. Flonase

    SOLD Current Valentine 1 $125 no cables Atlanta area

    Price is right if someone local can check it out in person.
  14. Flonase

    Data for Custom Notch Filters

    I am sort of re-posting something that's buried in the Custom Notch Filters thread, because I think it's important. I want these notch filters to fully eliminate BSM falses if they're enabled, without being any wider than necessary. The only way to do this is with data. For example, I thought...
  15. Flonase

    Motorcycle-style dash cams with single-button control

    It's not at the top of my list yet, but I'm starting to investigate dash cams. I am not excited about having gadgets hanging in my windshield, so I've been looking at motorcycle dash cams like this one, thinking that maybe I could integrate the cameras into my interior trim in an unobtrusive...
  16. Flonase

    2005 Audi TT ALP + NetRadar DSP Install - Phase 1

    My hobby car is my 2005 Audi TT coupe. I've overhauled the stereo system (thread here on VWVortex, if anyone is curious) and performed a lot of other minor modifications to it over the years. A year ago, after another speeding ticket, I discovered this forum and the ALP system. Took the...
  17. Flonase

    Switching profiles with HiFi controller - what’s the trick?

    I just started using profiles again. I can switch profiles using ALP Connect, but cannot for the life of me get the double-press on the HiFi control pad to do this. I can switch between highway/city yellow/city red for the NetRadar with a double-press of the other button. What am I missing?
  18. Flonase

    MN - where is the K band?

    I’ve been running my NetRadar DSPs for seven months now. I have yet to encounter a legit K band signal. Lots and lots of stationary falses and of course the occasional BSM. I drive the Twin Cities metro, 35 / 61 to the North Shore, and 169 / 60 to NW Iowa. Where are the LEO K band threats...
  19. Flonase

    ALP Connect and dual-antenna alert direction

    I've spent some quality time with my DSP dual over the past few weeks, usually with the ALP Connect app, and I've noticed a little quirk. When there are multiple radar signals, the alert direction indicated by the voice and by the screen graphic don't always match. The voice seems to always...
  20. Flonase

    Firmware change log somewhere?

    Just got the 110.205 firmware update. Is there a page anywhere with the change log? I couldn’t find one on the alpupdate site (on my phone browser). Just curious.