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  1. N6GQ

    K band in Alvaredo (Alvaredo PD)

    I was passing through Alvarado today and got hits twice from two different cops along I-35 running K-band (24.127) - Alvarado PD. One of them was sitting on the onramp pointed backwards, shooting out his front windshield towards oncoming traffic on the freeway. Odd. But it was clear as day, not...
  2. N6GQ

    Uniden quality issues

    Hey All, I started with an R3 about 3 months ago, had it about 2 or 3 weeks before it failed - the speaker became intermittant (mostly dead). So I sent it back to Amazon where I bought it. It worked great when it did, so I was sorry to send it back. I replaced it with an R7, and while the R7...
  3. N6GQ

    North and Central Texas LIDAR usage?

    Hey team, do we have a listing anywhere of sightings of LIDAR guns in use in the North Texas/Central Texas areas? Like which guns we know are in use in the area? I've looked but having no luck finding. Thanks...
  4. N6GQ

    Vantrue N2 Pro $149.99 Shipped

    Just came across this, $50 off Vantrue N2 Pro. I ordered one, the code still works (Amazon). Free shipping included.
  5. N6GQ

    Decent suction mounted dashcam

    Greetings, can you suggest some of the more decent dashcams that are either suction mount, or have a suction mount option? I don't want to permanently mount. Also, are there any that have both a front and rear cam in one assembly, as opposed to have a front camera and a rear camera that are...
  6. N6GQ

    Dashcam for C7 Corvette

    Hey all, I searched but didn't find anything. I have a new Corvette that I'd like to outfit with a dashcam, but I'd like to keep the following in mind: 1. Somewhat portable, so I can move it to my other cars 2. Non-invasive install (preferably powered by cigarette lighter, or remote battery...
  7. N6GQ

    R7 Serials?

    Hey, this may be a stupid question, apologies in advance. I've read a number of R7 posts and it seems to me that there's some theories that certain R7 serial number ranges may be flawed. Am I reading between the lines too much? I just received an R7 today, serial #2219 (at least that's what I...
  8. N6GQ

    R3 going back to Amazon (broke) - replace with another, or get an R7?

    Hey all, I'm new here. On your recommendation I got an R3 recently and it worked very well for the first couple weeks. It saved my bacon numerous times as I was driving a new ZO6 Corvette back home in Texas from buying it in NJ. It was a fun ride and I got to know the R3 well on the long 1800...
  9. N6GQ

    RD recommendation please

    Hi all, thanks for this, very good resource that I'm thankful for. In short: 1. What kind of vehicle you have and do you want a remote or a windshield mount? 2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZO6 2. What's your budget? $1k 3. Where you live ( address not needed of course) and what states , country or...