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  1. G39x

    Rear Lidar (Tennessee)

    So I was driving today from Nashville to Jackson and on mile marker 122ish I saw a cop checking the other side of the highway but his left side window was down, so it intrigued me and when I came closer, I could see he was tagging cars after they had passed him. I know some cars who speed back...
  2. G39x

    City Mode and Segments

    I recently had a trip to South Carolina and was going through Murfreesboro and saw a 34.813 and then later a 33.5XX which was really weird. I was on the highway and both LEO's were somewhere on the local roads. I was on city mode and I am segged 2,4,5,6,8. So I shouldn't have gotten the 33.5...
  3. G39x

    R1 Hardwire question

    I recently bought a hardwire from Tom and wanted to know how to hook it up and what I need. I have a 2015 Toyota Highlander Limited. I don't get what the dark/black piece is for. I might want to ask if there are any installers here or where I could go to install it
  4. G39x

    R1 Settings in Tennessee

    Hey guys, I wanted to ask if you have any recommendations for settings that might help me. I haven't gotten the detector yet, but so far I have only mainly experienced 34.7 and then 35.5 in the neighboring town, after that I see K band. Now as much as I kind of read, City does reduce the K band...
  5. G39x

    "Parking Sensor" purchase question

    I have a 2015 Toyota Highlander and wanted to know what would be the optimal heads needed for protection. I am in TN and I know I don't have really any installers here and wanted to ask is there any installers near me or members willing to install? I know I can go to cartunes, but I think they...
  6. G39x

    Great 34.7 detection RPSE I-40E ( No Vid)

    Was coming back to Jackson, TN from Memphis and around mile marker 38 I got a Ka1 blip from the RPSE on top of a small hill and then as I came back to the crest around mile marker 39 two undercover white tahoes using C/O 34.7. Around a mile detection or possibly more, I would say that's a winner...
  7. G39x

    I/O shot

    Hey guys, just experienced another I/O, however I didn't understand how he was using the radar as we were in a group of 12-15 cars on both lanes and he turned the radar on in the middle, I didn't look behind me, but maybe he was targeting the next group of cars, but he was on the side of the...
  8. G39x

    ~300 mile US20 Results

    I recently made a trip to Jackson, TN from Nashville which is roughly 300 miles roundtrip and tested the RPSE with the distance and see how it fared with trucks and distance. Had a few Ka alert only one where I saw a officer getting a donut from a person I mean giving a ticket. There were...
  9. G39x

    Nashville TN Installer?

    I live in Nashville, TN and wanted to know if there are any installers in TN or even possibly KY that would install ALP on my SUV. I still need to gather funds to purchase the ALP system, but I wanted to know if there are any installers in TN or KY, or possibly GA if it is closer to Chattanooga...