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  1. MachineLearner

    Lidar High Pucker Factor Indiana LIDAR

    On this occasion, traffic was moving above PSL, so this could've been any one of us. This poor driver was probably moving just a bit fast than traffic. Viewing the video in retrospect, they knew they were busted, but at the time, I thought it could be me. The R3 didn't throw a laser...
  2. MachineLearner

    Radar 35.5 C/O - 3.8 Miles - Uniden R3

    One of three interesting videos I caught on a recent trip to Chicago.
  3. MachineLearner

    Radar Coincidental K-Band False? Sloppy I/O?

    Hey Gang, I'm new here, and have only had my R3 for a few days. Not sure what to make of this. Is it a coincidental false? Sloppy K-band I/O? Something else? I don't have enough experience to make a determination, and I didn't drive home the same way, so wasn't able to determine if it...
  4. MachineLearner

    Viofo A129 Pro Duo - Question About Frame Rates

    So I recently purchased and installed a Viofo A129 Pro Duo, and I have a question about frame rates. I'd like to record 1440p up front to save a little space. In the manual, it indicates that the frame rate of 1440p is 30FPS. However, in the menu of the camera it is listed as "1440p 60 - FHD...
  5. MachineLearner

    2014 Subaru Forester - Viofo A129 Pro Duo Install

    Hey Gang, I decided to create a new thread rather than updating the old one. Here is my (very careful around airbags) install of my Viofo A129 Pro Duo. Fishing a USB Power cable on the driver's side... Cable pulled through I've always been good at making messes, but have only recently...
  6. MachineLearner

    Subaru Forester - R3 - Nothing Fancy, But Clean

    Hey Folks, I discovered the Forum last Friday, and this evening I took my first cruise with an RD (during which I encountered an X band that didn't seem like a false, right after driving by a police station [I'm in Ohio, so who knows] I didn't see him, if he was there.). I have a Viofo A129...
  7. MachineLearner

    An idea for AntiLaser...

    So, I'm new around these parts. I have an R3 arriving soon, and am considering an ALP install (I live in Ohio, the widest array of threats anywhere, apparently, and travel to Illinois pretty regularly). So I've been browsing around the forum, and it seems that JTK is the strategy, and that...
  8. MachineLearner

    General Question About Installation of Remote RD Antennas

    So, as you may have noticed in my intro, I'm new to the world of CMs, but I am not new to RF in general. I've been a licensed amateur since 2009, and do a lot of tinkering with RF (admittedly, at much lower frequencies). So, here's a question. In almost every remote RD install, I see the...
  9. MachineLearner


    Hey All, Not a countermeasure enthusiast (yet), but I found this site via the videos about Radenso's new technology from Vortex. That tech is the type of thing I get super geeked about. Just signed up to post in those threads. Cheers!