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    Your first radar detector(s)

    Autotronics Super Snooper. Circa 1976. Best in its day.
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    Who else is holding on to their V1 while waiting for the V2 issues to get worked out

    I've got my shipping box ready to go as soon as VR starts taking trade ins again. Today is May 29, they need to update their website where it says upgrades will start again later in May...unless they mean May 2021. Meantime my G1 is still detectin'.
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    When upgrades resume will G2s be debugged?

    I have read Vortex's post & watched his videos. I think when VR reopens for upgrades (supposedly soon) the G2 units will be most recent manufacture and should be debugged. Y'all think I am OK sending my G1 in when they reopen or should I wait a little longer? If I wait long enough Theia might be...
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    Texas: Houston-Brenham-Houston

    Repeated same trip again. No laser. Waller PD K band. DPS & Washington County 34.7 Ka. All stationary, constant on.
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    Texas: Houston-Brenham-Houston

    Friday 4-24-20 I drove from inside the 610 loop to Brenham then back Sunday, US 290. Friday, nothing. Sunday, state, county & local all over the place. Don't listen to anybody who is telling you the Fuzz isn't out.
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    From the NCHP facebook page.

    Under the 4th Amendment, reasonable, articulable suspicion is the minimal requirement for a detention. See Delaware v. Prouse, 440 U.S. 648 (1979). The NCHP may mean to say something else, but their comment on the face of it merely says they are following the United States Constitution, the...
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    Vortex is THE man. Welcome!
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    Hello from Texas

    Hi Bob! Texas here too (Houston). Trading my V1G1 in for a V1G2 too. Welcome!
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    V1 Gen2 vs R7, V1 Gen1, Redline EX, Max360c, Pro M on 33.8, 34.7, 35.5, & K band, Red Barn Test Course 3-16-20

    1. Great job, Vortex. 2. I think it is surprising how well V1G1 did. 3. Where I live & drive, my biggest risk is 34.7, glad to see how well V1G2 did. 4. I've been with Mike Valentine since ESCORT version 1.0. His quality of build is second to none. 5. Theia isn't out yet. So, I'm sending in my...
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    Getting a new car

    My 2010 Toyota Sequoia with 180K miles has died. Maybe the CARona virus. I can probably get it fixed and continue on, but I no longer trust it and I drive way out in West Texas often and I want something reliable. I will buy either something new or low milage late model. QUESTION: I want to...
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    Spoiler Alert! - V1 Gen2 First Photos

    Let's say range and filtering are excellent without the aid of an app. You can get low speed muting with Savvy. So what you do not have is GPS, and thus no lockouts or log. I am a highway user and lockouts are of little use to me. I do like logs but I don't have to have them. As discussed above...
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    Spoiler Alert! - V1 Gen2 First Photos

    I've got my sweeps and everything all set up on my V1 3.8945. I did the setup a long time ago using YaV1, am I back to the beginning of the learning curve? Vortex, I hope you do a "how to" setup for dummies.
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    Hello from Oklahoma

    Welcome! I'm from Texas but my Mom's family is from Pryor (AKA Pryor Creek) OK. So Howdy!
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    Tell me Your CB Experiences

    I was around in the '70's when everybody had a CB, it was really something. Today it is not entirely dead but it is very quiet. When the atmosphere is charged Single Side Band is kind of fun. CB seems to be most popular in the southeast. More dead out west. I have one that I use as a...
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    Radar Poaching at the county line

    "Semi" on topic question: Is it worth it to take Highway 46 from Boerne to Seguin (or vice versa) as a bypass of San Antonio? I drive from Houston to Ozona & back often. Waze always takes me through San Antonio. Thanks!
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    R3 doesn't detect speed sign

    I don't know much about electronics, but one thing I do know, my V1 doesn't pick up speed signs that have those blue dots. I hope the Highway Patrol doesn't put blue dots on their radar guns. I'm toast if they do.
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    Older detector worth keeping or upgrade?

    I don't know how enthusiastic you are nor what your financial capabilities are, but if I may, I'd like to make a suggestion. It is coming up on a year since Valentine quit selling new units. Rumors are something new is coming out. Radenso has announced what may be a real game changer, their...
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    Longtime radar detector user

    I'm a long time RD user too (since 1976). I never would have considered my RD a hobby, I never set up scientific testing or anything like that. But I come here to this forum every day. I am excited about Theia and, while a bit frustrated, still excited to see what Valentine will do. I've given...
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    Any members in West Texas or Texas Panhandle?

    I have family in Midland and am there often.
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    Texas CHL and Speeding

    Some LEO's look favorably upon a license to carry, even more so after the church shooting in Fort Worth. But many others absolutely do not give a s**t. Traffic citations are revenue and they are under pressure to issue them. A good catch is a good catch. I, myself, have not been pulled over in...